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Push Up Mistakes Nearly Everyone Makes

    push up mistakes

    Push-ups are among the most valuable bodyweight exercises out there that you can do at home. It works your chest and several other muscles of your upper body.

    It seems to be an easy exercise that can be done by everyone with a basic strength. Just go down and press yourself up. It is as easy as that. But, if you want to get the most from this move, you should pay attention a few things from the proper push up form to breathing.

    From the following video, you will learn the common push up mistakes nearly everyone makes. This guide is useful not just for beginners, but for any fitness level. So, you will know how to do push ups the right way.


    Let’s Recap What You’ve Learned About Push Up Mistakes

    Full Range of Motion

    This is the most important advice you should keep in mind when doing basic push up. To get that full range of motion, your body should be straight like an arrow. And when you go down, your chest have to touch the ground. Also, when you press yourself up, you should lift your upper back as high as you can.

    Proper Elbow Distance & push up hand position

    If you place your shoulders too broad, that will put more load on your shoulders. Your aim is to train your chest and triceps, isn’t it? So, keep your elbow backward and place your hands at about the same width as your shoulders.

    elbow and hand position

    Push up elbow position | Credit:

    Straight Spine

    This is among the most common push up form mistakes for sure. Your body should be straight by focusing on your core muscles. This way, we can call press up a good exercise for lower back and abs training as well.

    People having weak core typically lower or hold higher their hips and this way they cannot use the full range of motion.

    Don’t Hurry

    It looks cool if you do press ups fast, but it almost always goes to the expense of the proper form. If you want to build your chest, it is far better to do 10 correct moves slowly and correctly than doing 25 bad reps.


    People usually underestimate the importance of proper breathing while doing exercises, but it has an enormous impact on your performance. It is logical that your body needs oxygen to work, and for that, the right way of breathing is a must. I recommend breathing in through your nose when you go down and breathe out through your mouth when you press your body up.


    Once, you are good at making 20-25 movements correctly, you have chest and triceps muscles that are strong enough to make other more challenging variations. There are also many ways you can make your basic push ups harder, for example by using weight plates, a weight vest or push up stands.

    I’ve already shared an extensive list of beginner, intermediate and advanced push up workout variations here. So, you can find ones that will help to strengthen your chest even better at home.


    I hope you find this guide to the most common push up mistakes useful, and the next time you work out your chest, you will use what you have learned here. You can also find powerful at home chest workout routines here.


    James Wright

    James (36) has been working out since he was 15 years old. He has a home gym where he pumps iron, does bodyweight workouts and boxing. He likes sharing his experiences with others who want to build a better physique.

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