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Top Compact Exercise Equipment & Machines That Are Worth Buying

    Do you live in an apartment or have only a little space to work out at home? Don’t worry. You can choose from a lot of compact exercise equipment for your home. No matter if you want to have a cardio, strength training, or fat-burning workout, you will find gear from the list below.

    You will see that most compact exercise equipment provides a full-body workout, so you will not neglect any muscle groups. And if I have not told you yet, these products are pretty affordable.

    So, here the top exercise equipment for small spaces suitable for both men and women. Find available items and compact exercise machines.

    adjustable dumbbells

    1. Dumbbells – Most versatile for strength training

    Best small space exercise equipment for both cardio and strength workouts.

    I start my list with hand weights since they are the most versatile pieces of equipment to shape the entire body. They are suitable for both power and cardio training. With the help of free weights, you can train both the upper and lower body. Do squats for your leg muscles, presses for your chest and shoulders, or extension for your triceps.

    There are numerous dumbbell exercises out there. You can buy traditional ones. But the best buy is the adjustable dumbbells such as Powerblock or Bowflex since you can increase or decrease the resistance by removing or adding plates. So, they provide more possibilities to perform various exercises with different weights. Also, they are compact and come with trays for easy storage. Also, see Weider Ultimate Body Works Review if you like this type of equipment.

    Stamina 1690 Power Tower

    2. Stamina 1690 Power Tower – Best for bodyweight training

    Well, this bodyweight compact gym equipment requires a bit more space to use and store, but it gives an excellent bodyweight workout experience. It lets you do the most beneficial upper body exercises for strength, such as pull-ups, chin-ups, dips, and even push-ups.

    Also, you do hanging knee and leg raises, which are killer exercises for your abs. For a small apartment, the Stamina 1690 is the best buy fitness station as it requires only a small space. Other power towers are quite big.

    weight bench folding

    3. Workout Bench

    A weight bench is useful workout equipment for strength training with dumbbells. An adjustable bench is the best buy since we can alter the backrest to various angles. Hence, we can do incline, decline, or flat exercises. Most of these items are folding so we can store them under the bed or stand it in the corner of the room.

    Flybird or Bowflex SelectTech benches are the best buys for the home. The other alternative is the flat workout bench, which is more compact exercise equipment. The Finer Form flat bench is foldable and a suitable professional piece for someone with limited space.

    suspension trainer

    4. Suspension Training Kit

    The suspension trainer is equipped with a door anchor so installing and removing them is easy. The suspension training requires only a small space. With this device, we can strengthen each part of the body and suitable for beginners and advanced trainers.

    Perfect for improving functional fitness. The TRX is the best choice for sure, but there are other products at lower prices. You can check out our suspension trainer comparison here.

    doorway pull up bar

    5. Doorway Pull Up Bar – Great for upper body workouts

    Cheap apartment equipment for small spaces.

    If you have such a small space that it is impossible to have a power tower, then the best alternative is the doorway pull up bar. You can quickly install one on the top of the doorframe and do the mentioned bodyweight exercises except for the dips.

    The professional models provide different grip positions, and the maximum weight capacity is about 300 pounds. It is beneficial exercise equipment for apartments that is cheap but requires existing strength.

    Are you on a budget?

    We have a guide for the best cheap items that are worth buying.


    6. Kettlebells – Combine strength & cardio

    Just like dumbbells, kettlebells are very versatile weight training equipment for the whole body. Their compact sizes make them an optimal choice having only a small space to work out.

    Kettlebell training helps to burn a lot of calories in a short time, and perfect for getting stronger as well. Plus, they are pretty cheap, and there are various sizes, so you can find one that suits your fitness level. You can also get adjustable kettlebells to save even more space.

    fitness ball

    7. Exercise Ball – Make your training more versatile

    A stability ball is cheap but extremely versatile fitness equipment that you can use in your room. What makes it so useful is that performing the exercises is more complicated since you have to keep your balance and stability.

    This way, more muscles are engaged, especially your core muscles. For example, if you push-ups by placing your legs on the ball, it is harder to press yourself up. Sitting on the ball is also great for your spine health. They cost only a few bucks.

    ab wheel

    8. Ab Wheel – The advanced core training

    Portable exercise equipment to shape your midsection

    Simple, cheap, and compact but one of the best gym equipment for abs that require only a small workout space. By rolling in and out the wheel, you will not only strengthen your entire core but also your chest and shoulders.

    What are the best compact total gyms for home?

    resistance band

    9. Resistance Bands – Quickly add extra resistance to exercises

    Do not underestimate the efficiency and versatility of the exercise bands. The advantage of using resistance bands is that your muscles are worked not only when you pull them, but when you let them back to the starting position.

    Plus, they are excellent tools to add extra resistance to your cardio workouts as well. There are hundreds of exercises to have a total body workout. Usually, they are sold in a bundle with different resistance levels and cost only a few bucks.

    bosu ball

    10. Bosu Ball – The stability ball alternative

    This relatively small fitness equipment is a must-have for balance training. As you see, it looks like a half stability ball installed on a stable basement, but it can be used at an upside-down position as well.

    It is an excellent tool to make traditional exercises more challenging, such as squats and pushes ups. Bosu is especially beneficial for plyometric drills and great for living room training.

    jump rope

    11. Jump Rope – The simple fat burner

    Cheap home gym equipment for home to boost your cardio MMA fighters and boxers use the jump rope almost each of their workouts. And there is a good reason for that.

    This space-saving exercise equipment boosts your cardio and endurance and helps to burn tons of calories in little time. Although keep in mind that you’ll need to have a higher ceiling and a bit more space to use it comfortably.

    push up bars

    12. Push Up Bars

    Portable workout equipment for small spaces for better press up training.

    Push up is the most efficient bodyweight exercise for the upper body. With the push up stands, you can go deeper, so you need more muscle power to press yourself up. So, it contributes to getting bigger and stronger muscles. Higher bars can also be used for L-sits that is great for your stomach. You can easily use it in a living room.

    best compact exercise equipment

    13. Ultimate Body Works – Small home gym machine

    If you want to have a full-body workout at home, this home gym from Weider will give you that. It comes with a unique pulley system that transforms your bodyweight into resistance. It enables increasing or decreasing the resistance by adjusting the angle of the board or changing the bands.

    This compact machine supports over 50 workouts! It is foldable so you can store it, for example, under your bed. You can check out more small exercise machines for the home here.

    rowing machine home

    14. Compact Rowing Machines – For a full-body cardio workout

    Compact cardio machines for rowing training.

    If you are searching for compact cardio equipment, there are rowing machines small in size and folding. Of course, they are not as professional as the giants in the gym, but they still provide excellent full-body cardio training.

    Plus, compared to the most famous models, such as Concept 2 they cost just a fraction of the price. Customers prefer the BodyTrack Glider rowing machine for its easy storage (lay flat).


    15. Compact Treadmills – Best small exercise equipment

    Best exercise machine for home to burn fat.

    Running is the king of cardio activities. The folding treadmill is one of the best home exercise equipment you can have. The problem is that professional traditional treadmills are rather big and expensive. For a small space, a fold-flat treadmill is the only option. On the other hand, some treadmills are manufactured for small spaces and a living room.

    They come with a shorter running area and can be folded. Of, course they do not provide such an excellent user experience as the pro models, but they are still useful. These cheap workout machines let you have a walking or jogging workout routine to burn calories while you watch TV, for example.

    Some devices are equipped with heart rate sensors. Exerpeutic is an affordable yet compact treadmill with a folding design.

    magnetic upright bike foldable

    16. Folding Magnetic Upright Bike – For low impact workout

    Small home gym equipment for challenging workouts.

    An upright exercise bike is a useful workout machine to have your daily low impact cardio workout and keep yourself healthy. Most of the upright bikes have a compact design and can be folded so suitably for a living room.

    They provide various levels of resistance, check your heart rate, and provides a lot of other useful information about your training on the LCD monitor. Usually, a compact exercise bike comes with a unique tray at the top that lets you read while cycling. The recumbent bike is another option, but it’s large and not folding.

    vertical climber

    17. Vertical Climber (MaxiClimber) – Tough workout for shaping and fat loss

    Small home gym equipment for challenging workouts.

    This foldable machine looks rather odd, but it is powerful compact exercise equipment for home that helps tone those problem areas such as the glutes, thighs, hips, and waist. And since you also use your upper body, it also works your back, arms, and shoulders.

    Finally, because it engages many muscles at once, it boosts your heart rate up, so it is an efficient fat burning, cardio training. The move is similar to rock climbing. The most popular model is the Maxi Climber with a compact and foldable design that requires minimum floor space.

    small exercise equipment for apartment

    18. Thane Total Flex Home Gym

    This is unusual small gym equipment for home that enables you to do about 50 types of activities. The resistance is generated by power rods and adjustable. It allows us to quickly switch from one activity to another by squeezing the locking pins.

    It comes with a thickly cushioned back pad and seats and large hand grips for comfortable usage. Thane has a compact design, and after folding up, it takes just a little space. Unfortunately, it is more suitable for upper body workouts.

    mini cycle

    19. Mini Cycle – Space saver exercise machine for office

    This is smart, compact workout equipment for those who sit a lot. If you cannot afford an under desk treadmill, a mini cycle is the best option. It is portable and can be used in your office as well. It requires minimal floor space.

    weighted vest training

    20. Weight vest

    If you prefer bodyweight training and your strength level is great, you may feel that the traditional exercises don’t support your development anymore. That’s the point when the weighted vest comes in. You can have a much better strength training regimen with it.


    No matter if you live in an apartment or have a small space in one of your rooms or garage, there are many pieces of compact and foldable exercise equipment to work out at home. Also, the things listed above are not so expensive.

    With a proper diet and regular exercise at home, you can do a lot for your shape and health. Did you like this guide to small exercise equipment? Please share it with your friends.

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