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Concept 2 Rower Model D Review

    Concept 2 Rower Model D

    Without a doubt, the Concept2 rower is the most popular and trusted indoor rowing machine available today. There are hundreds of other equipment out there, both cheaper and more expensive. However, none of them provides such a great training experience and have such an excellent price/value ratio than Concept2 Model D.

    There is not a good commercial gym without it. It used in even in Crossfit gyms where it is under severe usage day by day. That shows how durable and reliable it is.

    Let’s see why you should consider buying Concept rower instead of other machines.

    Quick Look at the Best Features

    • PM5 Performance Monitor (very detailed & accurate workout data such as heart rate, Bluetooth & internet connectivity to take parts in races and store info, extra preset workout programs, games, adjustable monitor arm, etc.)
    • Quick adjustable resistance level (1-10 levels from beginners to advanced athletes)
    • Smooth seat movement with high, maximum 500 lb capacity.
    • Ergonomic, non-slip handle and ergonomic seat height.
    • Easy storage and relocation (transportation wheels, quick-release frame lock to breakdown to two separate sections)
    • Warranty: 5 years on frame, 2 on other parts
    • Assembled dimensions: Foot Print 8′ x 2′ – machine weight: 57 lb (26 kg)
    • Easy to assemble

    Concept2 Rowing Machine Review

    1. Easy to Use & Suitable for Everyone

    striking with machine

    No matter if you are a total beginner or someone who has been working out for long years, it will support your needs.

    Even if you have not used a rower before, you can start your training without any “special” knowledge. A few straightforward adjustments and you are ready to pull the handle to burn fat, improve your cardio, endurance and train your entire body.

    The beauty of the machine is that it is versatile and suitable for everyone. If you are a beginner, start slowly with short sessions. Yes, you need to learn the basics to maximize the outcome of your indoor rowing machine workout, but with a little practice, you will get used to it quickly.

    Are you an advanced level athlete? Don’t worry, you can row day in day out, as intensively as you want, the Model D will not leave you in the lurch.

    2. Exceptional Durability – A Purchase for a Whole Life

    As I said before the Concept2 Model D indoor rowing machine with PM5 is used even in Crossfit gyms, and those guys and girls do not just “play” with it. They have incredibly intensive workouts that the machine has to stand every day, years after years. And, thanks to the used premium materials and the machinery, the gym owners do not have to care much about it.

    You may think to build such a durable machine heavy materials have to be used, so it is heavy. However, the frame is made of high-quality aluminum while the other parts from long-lasting hard plastic. This way it is lightweight and easy to relocate (comes with transportation wheels as well).

    So, you do not have to be afraid this cardio exercise equipment will not cause you any trouble if you use it at your home gym.

    3. Optimal Air Resistance System – Giving You the Workout You Want

    If you have checked a few rovers, you may have discovered that this type of fitness equipment comes with different rowing resistance types such as magnetic, water or air resistance (flywheel design). Considering the training experience, the final two are the winners as magnetic generates a constant force, so you rowing stokes are always the same. This way magnetic rowers do not imitate the real rowing strokes at all. (Although, these home rowers are really quiet.)

    The WaterRower is excellent workout equipment providing a perfect training environment. The gentle sound of splashing water, comfortable usage, ideal resistance, and the beautiful design makes it another great buy home rower. However, it is more expensive, needs more maintenance, and you may have problems with it like leaking. I do not say it does not worth every penny, just I still prefer Concept2 indoor rower for its more user-friendly features.

    Concept2 Model D rowing machine comes with a professional air resistance giving excellent workout effect and requires almost no maintenance.

    At the beginning phase of the rowing movement, the flywheel gives the highest resistance. As you continue with the motion, the wheel speeds up to finish the move. The whole system is made in such a way to imitate the real rowing technique as genuinely as possible working almost every muscle groups of your body.

    Of course, you can increase or decrease the resistance to your fitness level. The system allows you to adjust how much air goes into the flywheel housing with the help of a Spiral Damper. The more air you let in, the more energy is required to accelerate from a stroke to the next. 1-10 settings are available, although typically between the 3-6 levels are used.

    Thanks to the many levels, anyone can utilize it from total newcomers to professionals. Hence, it will serve your development in the long run.

    resistance settings

    10 levels to choose from |

    4. Convenient to Use No Matter How Heavy You Are

    concept 2 indoor rower aluminum rail

    The 14″ ergonomic seat moves smoothly on the aluminum rail no matter how heavy the user is. Actually, the maximum user weight limit is 500 lb which is a good sign that it gives smooth experience for anyone. That’s why it has a long warranty.

    The size of the seat is comfortable, but some novice users find it a bit firm, so they bought extra padding. But, I do not think it is necessary because the firmer filling is the part of the system to perform “quality” strikes. After a few workouts, you will get used to it.

    The ergonomic handle gives a natural hand and arm position. Its diameter should be comfortable for most of the trainers, and it is covered which such material that prevents slipping if your hands are wet. To this handle the chain attached which spins the fanned flywheel. It looks cool.

    Finally, Flexfoot footrests can be adjusted quickly to find the optimal size for your feet.

    5. PM5 Performance Monitor – Know all the Details of Your Workout

    concept 2 model d indoor rowing machine with pm5 monitor

    Just like any other professional cardio workout equipment, it comes with a device that measures our workout performance. The Concept2 PM5 performance monitor, besides the typical data, provides more options.

    It helps you to track distance, time, speed, pace, calories burned, etc. (There are a lot of other games, metrics, and intervals you can choose from). You can also connect it to wireless heart rate monitors or to the ErgData app which provides very detailed data on your training.

    You can read all the details on the bright, backlit display that automatically lights up when you start your workout. It is also adjustable to find the position that you can see easily.

    Need motivation? – Take part in racing!

    A very cool function of the Concept2 rower is that you can connect with other trainers at different fitness levels. You can take place in a race no matter where you are. You just need an internet connection. you can also use a USB flash drive.

    6. Assembly & Storage

    Putting together the Concept2 rowing machine is a piece of cake thanks to the clear instructions. Customers are ready with the assembly in 20-30 seconds.

    Thanks to the lightweight materials and the caster wheels, relocating the Concept2 model D rowing machine is easy.

    But if you have a lack of storage, you can easily breakdown Compact 2 into two compact sections. You just need to use the framelock mechanism that does not require any tools at all. So, it doesn’t require much space.

    easy storage without tools


    To sum up, if you are searching for a high-performing that lasts forever and gives a lot of options for versatile workouts, the Concept2 Model D rower is an excellent purchase. I know, it is not cheap, and there are compact exercise rowers at a fraction of its price, but none of them will give you such perfect experience. That is why it is on the top of my best indoor rowing machines list.


    James Wright

    James (36) has been working out since he was 15 years old. He has a home gym where he pumps iron, does bodyweight workouts and boxing. He likes sharing his experiences with others who want to build a better physique.

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