Do You Usually Crave for Sweet, Salty or Spicy Food?

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Has it ever happened to you that a strong feeling came up that you should have chocolate, chips or biscuits? And you felt mad like pregnant women crave for this or that.

The fact is that you do not have to be pregnant to have this “I must have something to eat, or I die” feeling.

But, why does it come? What do your body and soul want to tell you? Just keep reading on to learn the reasons.

I want chocolate!

craving for chocolate

What does your body tell your when you crave for chocolate?

Eating chocolate increases the level of serotonin in your body. That is a kind of happiness hormone. When you crave for chocolate, unconsciously we want to cure or prevent depression and be happier to have energy for the days. Your body knows when it is close its maximum limit, and this is the time when we want chocolate.

And, what does your soul want to tell you?

It depends on the type of chocolate you want.

If you crave for dark one, then that means you want to be with someone. So, you should go out to meet new people or be with your friends.

If you crave for milky one that means you feel yourself better alone, but you need some time to enjoy and refill yourself alone. So, get a good book, listen to music, have a long bath with aromas. Anything that makes you happy.

I want something salty!

crave for salty food

What does your body want to tell you?

If you feel that you have to eat chips, a steak or anything that is salty, it is a sign that your body miss some sort of minerals.

For example, studies have proved that those people who suffer from calcium deficiency, always crave for salty things.

Those individuals who have enough calcium daily, do not have this feeling. Having the proper type and amount of minerals help absorption of the calcium into the body. So, use good quality sea salt for cooking and pay attention to have enough minerals and calcium daily by consuming dairy and whole wheat foods.

What does your soul want to message to you?

Those people who like the salty flavor, typically control themselves in almost every part of their lives. They are good at their job and home. They pay attention to their friends and family, but they forget to spend time on themselves.

I want something sweet!

craving for sweet foods

What does your body want to tell you?

This feeling is not the same as the craving for chocolate. It can be ice-cream, sweets, bakery, cookies, etc.

When you crave for sweet things, your body wants to tell you that it is tired, fatigue and it needs energy. Your body needs sugar to work properly both mentally and physically. And when it gets it, it makes us happy.

What about your soul?

If you usually feel that you should have something sugary immediately, you may want to get rid of those typical and boring days as soon as possible. You feel each of your days are the same and you need change, something that is much different from the average.

You want sweet then salty, or salty than sweet.

Has it ever happened to you that you had a cake and right then you carve for some salty such as chips? Then, you wanted something sweet again? Or vice versa?

This usually happens if we take away more than one type of food or almost everything from our body.

This can happen if we go on a strict, in most of the cases unhealthy, diet. And the body is hungry since it does not get the right type and the amount of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Or you are after a restless period which was full of stress, so your body used up its stores.

What about your soul?

Typically those people have this strange feeling who are not understood by others. This manner is owned by individuals who are creative but lonely. They have exceptional creativity, and maybe they are geniuses, but they cannot share their feelings with others.

Why am I craving spicy food?

spicy craving
What does it mean when you crave spicy food?

If you are craving spicy food, your blood sugar level or blood pressure is low.

If someone’s blood pressure goes down seriously, it is something like the body is cold inside.

That is why the body wants spicy or hot foods that increase the blood flow, blood pressure, and metabolism. So, the body makes itself warmer inside.

What does your soul tell?

People who like hot and spicy foods are precise and want to be perfect in everything. They want things to happen as they imagined. The food they want to eat is like their soul, hot and burning.

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