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How to Work Out Your Chest if You Do CrossFit

    crossfit chest workout

    If you want to develop your endurance, build muscles and strength, increase your power and speed, CrossFit is the way to go. This type of program is an all in one solution to improving your fitness. There are thousands of “Workout of the Day” (WODs) out there, but in this post I would like to focus on CrossFit chest workouts.

    Most of the men dream of having big and strong pecs. In order to get that you need to pick the right type of exercises, and you should consume the right type of nutrients. Nutrition is a huge topic to talk about here, but in order to build muscles, you need to increase the amount of protein you take in daily.

    What are the best CrossFit chest exercises?

    The compound ones. They can be bodyweight or free weight exercises (or with other equipment).

    The best bodyweight activities for chest (no weights) are push ups and its variations and dips. The most efficient free weight exercises that build strengths and mass are the usual, incline and decline bench presses with barbell or dumbbells.

    Within the following posts you can get detailed information about these moves.

    Hence, if you do high interval training but you want to give some extra boost for your chest muscles it is recommended to include more of these movements into your routine.

    In the video below the guy demonstrates the best moves such as the chest press pretty well. It is a good example for a Crossfit bench press workout.


    On the other hand, you must not forget about that CrossFit is about working your entire body with various strength and cardio exercises. Therefore, if you only focus on your pecs, it is not going to be a CrossFit workout anymore. You should not forget about the other most important moves as well such as the deadlift, squat, etc. Your training should be around 30-40 minutes.

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    My Crossfit Chest Workout Tips

    To tell the truth, my pectoralis muscles are among my weakest points besides my core. I do HIIT as well, and I have tested several WODs. What I do in order to stimulate my pecs better is that I include more chest exercises, or I do more sets or reps from the suggested ones.

    You should keep in mind that your muscles need enough rest to develop. I used to over-train my pecs since I trained them hard three times a week. Of course, I did not see any results both in size and strength.

    I recommend you training your pecs harder just once a week. For example, if you do a Crossfit circuit on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Focus on your pec more on Monday. It is enough. It is going to be worked on the other two sessions as well.

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    What about weights, sets and reps.

    As you probably know in order to build mass and strength, you should handle heavy weights or do harder body weight exercises. I think the optimal number of set on the “boosted chest day” is maximum five, and the number of reps is about 6-8.

    Keep in mind that doing harder exercises will exhaust you more. Thus, it is going to be more difficult to keep the high intensity of your workout. But you should since CrossFit is about that!

    Let’s see some example Crossfit workout routines for chest

    CrossFit Workout for Chest At Home + Back – Arms – Abs


    CrossFit Chest and Triceps Workout


    Crossfit chest WOD


    What is the best Crossfit WOD for chest? What do you think? Share with us below.

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