Even Little Fat on Your Belly Can Be More Dangerous Than You Think

dangerous-belly-fatBelly fat is among the first deposits of fat that start forming in the case of sedentary people. It is also the one that takes much more effort to eliminate, than fat stored in the rest of areas in the body.

So, besides being unaesthetic, it is also very difficult to get rid of it. The longer the belly fat stays in place, the harder it will be to melt it away.

But if its unwanted look would be the only problem of stomach fat, we would be rather lucky if we can say it. Unfortunately, things are not just revolving around an issue of body shape. Specialists conducted a few studies that placed belly fat in the life-endangering category. Yes, it is more dangerous to our health and well-being more than it looks, or more than we tend to believe.

If you didn’t think that there is something worse than being obese, you should know that belly fat did exceed this hazard limit. In fact, the results were so shocking that scientists had to raise awareness among the population.

It appears that people with belly fat deposits, even if their BMI value as under the level of obesity, and implicit weren’t obese, have a higher risk of dying that obese people. So next time you will say that your tummy just grew a little, think again, because your own life can be at stake if you don’t do something about it, and fast.

Normal-weight central obesity defined by WHR is associated with higher mortality than BMI-defined obesity, particularly in the absence of central fat distribution

Source: annals.org

The study was not a light one, following a number of 15,000 people, all of them adults, having ages between 18 and 90 years old. They were monitored for 14 years, time in which their evolution was recorded. The results showed that the individuals that were central-obese, meaning that they had fat deposited around their waste line, had the lowest survival rates. The forecast was the same in the case of men and women at the same time, so none is forgiven by fat around the belly.

Why is Belly Fat Dangerous?

In case you are wondering why the fat on your belly is considered so dangerous, the answer is not known precisely in the medical world. But, there is an association of belly fat with the build-up of visceral fat, which is fat accumulation in the abdomen’s cavity, surrounding the internal organs. Such a thing would increase the risk of people for developing illnesses like diabetes, and other complications, due to fat clinging to the organs.

Also, if your BMI index looks rather normal, but you have accumulated body fat, you should know that you are not out of danger. The BMI cannot show how much belly fat a person has, as it is only an overall measurement of the body. So a person can have skinny legs and arms, but looking like having swallowed a tire in the middle of the waist.

Thus, a measurement of the waist and the ratio in comparison with the hip line would be more accurate when it comes to managing the fat around the stomach. Check out the following video about the study and the dangers behind belly fat, because this is serious.


So it is time to get rid of that fat as soon as possible. Proper nutrition and exercising are vital to achieve that. You can find a lot of tips on the following pages.

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