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How to Use the Dip Machine for Chest Training?

    The dip stand is a simple yet potent upper bodyweight workout equipment. In most of the cases, we use it for strengthening our triceps. But with a little trick, it is an excellent tool for chest training as well, mainly to shape the bottom part of the pectoralis major.

    How to do dips for chest

    Well, when you do parallel dips for triceps, your body is in an almost vertical position, and your upper arms are next to your torso. This state lets you lower and press yourself up with the strength of your triceps, but also your front shoulders are engaged. This way it is a tremendous move to boost the power of your triceps since the load is your entire bodyweight.

    If you want to use the dip machine for chest, you need to lean forward about 30-40 degrees and push your elbows a little bit away from your body. This way more load is given on your chest than your triceps. You perform this exercise correctly if you feel the stretch in your chest.

    The following picture will help to understand the difference between triceps and chest dips form.

    dip machine for chest

    Dips for triceps vs chest


    The more you lean forward, the more load is on your pecs, but the lower part of your back and shoulders will have to work hard to keep that position. Hence, I recommend that for advanced level trainees. Also, be careful because leaning forward too much because it might lead to shoulder injuries. If you feel pain, stop it immediately.

    Plus, to maximize the outcome of the chest exercise, try to go as deep as possible, and when you push yourself back to the starting position squeeze your chest. By going deep, you can get the full range of motion which leads to better strength and mass development.

    If you are a beginner, you can use the assisted dip machine that gives such support that will help to handle your bodyweight easier.

    Tip for pros: If you are at an advanced level, you can also use additional weight by using plates on a belt. But, proper performance is critical to get results from your dip machine workout. Be careful if you use too heavy load that may lead to injuries. Hence, it is better to increase the resistance step by step.

    Watch the following tutorial for more advice. Also see the post Best Wall Mounted Dip Station and Bars.


    How to do dips at home for chest?

    You can use two chairs that are high enough to lower your body. However, they must be very stable since you have to lean forward, and you can fall on your face. It is better to get a dipping station which is an affordable piece of home exercise equipment that you can use in multiple ways to strengthen your body.

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