Do Abdominal Exercises Really Matter?


If you have ever done a little research on how to get a flatter stomach or build six pack abs, then you may have met statements that only the percentage of the body fat that matters.

The lower the amount of fat on your stomach, the more your abdominal muscles will pop out and be visible.

And there is some truth in it since no matter what how strong your abs are if they are covered fat, you cannot see them. So, yes lowering the amount of fat is crucial to get attractive midsection.

If your body fat is high, you will need more time to have amazing abs. You should burn that fat by doing cardio exercises and being on a healthy diet.

And of course, if your body fat percentage is already low, and you do abdominal training, you will see results much faster.

Turning back to the question if abs exercises are needed or not, I say yes!

However, not for burning fat, but for strengthening and toning your core. Abdominal muscles are as the same as any other muscles of your body, so they should be worked to grow and be formed.

The following pictures are great examples why you should train your core. Both of them have the same body fat percentage, but they look different.




On the other hand, not every abdominal exercise are the same.

There are ones that better for strengthening and toning such as crunches, leg raises, sit ups, etc. that do not support fat loss so much.

And there are compound moves such as mountain climber and burpees, which even help to burn fat since they are a kind of cardio activities as well.

And there is another important thing you should keep in mind. Strong abs can be only achieved by exercising and lean shredded abs via eating less. Consequently, six pack abs do not always mean they are strong as well. Hence, if you want to achieve both, you need to do abdominal exercises plus focus on burning fat by cardio and diet.

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