Do You Know Your Poop and Pee?

How are your pee and poop? Now I know mine are fine! From the following two hilarious but extraordinarily useful infographic, you can discover as well.

Talking about what we left in the toilet is a taboo. We do not pay any attention to our pee and poop, we flush them down as fast as possible.

However, they can tell you a lot about your health. The shape, size, smell and the shade of your poop, and the color and smell of your urine provide a lot of information about what is going on in your body. Even serious problems can be discovered.

From the two presentations below you can learn what to check and if you find something strange what that may mean.

There is no need to investigate your work of art each time, but it is recommended to take a look at least once a week.

I would like to say a big thanks for the creators of these infographics at and

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