Do You Want This Future for Your Kids?


You may think that those French fries that you are giving your child whenever they ask is not a bad thing, nor is it bad to give your toddler soda.

While you are trying to be a loving parent and fulfill your child’s every wish that you can, you need to realize the greater implications of what you are doing.

You are not just feeding your child for today, but you are also shaping their diet and health regimen for the rest of their lives. Because of this, you need to start changing things today before they have a bleak and completely preventable future.

Children learn from their parents. That is where they learn how to talk, walk, any mannerisms and how to behave in certain situations. Every French fry that you give your child will help them develop a love for foods that are not good for them.

By feeding them meals in front of the television or in front of their video games, you are encouraging this behavior. If you do not start making changes now, you will ultimately be responsible for a horrific outcome.

Rewind the Future

The following video shows perfectly how some parents ruin the future of their kids. And the sad end!


Everything Depends on You!

It is a fact that when children are born that they do not have any real developed tastes. They can taste flavors, but they are not born with an innate love of the salty, sugary and fatty foods. That is something that is taught at a young age.rainbow-plate

Thankfully, this means from this young age, you can start encouraging healthy habits for your child to carry on with them in the future.

Encourage eating healthy foods at every meal; with the rule being that the items on your plate must be similar to a rainbow, with items of all colors of vegetables. This ensures that your child is getting the most amounts of vitamins in each meal.

Limit the intake of juice and sugar-rich milk products, and offer water frequently to encourage drinking that instead of these other options. You should also absolutely limit the soda intake, as one glass of soda carries more sugar and calories than some breakfast options.

It does not mean that your kid cannot have a treat here and there. The whole point is to encourage healthy eating on a regular basis, and that things are okay in moderation.

You should also have meals together at the table. It helps get the family together and socializing, as well as getting the children off of the sofa and away from their video games. This is an important way to help encourage a healthier diet.

As a parent, it is your job to make sure that children grow up to lead healthy and productive lives. You are their most influential role model and can shape your child in a positive manner.

By eating healthy and exercising yourself, you can show your child the importance of staying healthy and active. Your child depends on you to teach them the importance of staying healthy.

Limit the intake of unhealthy foods and encourage activity. By doing this, your child will be set up for success.

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