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The Best Dumbbell Tricep Exercises You Should Do

    dumbbell tricep exercises

    How to work out triceps with free weights

    To strengthen my upper arms, I do bodyweight workouts but sometimes I do dumbbell tricep exercises as well.

    The calisthenics moves such as dips or push-up variations help to build the strength and the mass of the tricep muscles, but shoulders (and other body parts) are engaged as well. With dumbbell exercises, I can target the triceps better. This way I can do a complete training. I do not use a cable machine or other equipment at all.

    Why should you do triceps workout with dumbbells?

    • One of the biggest advantages is that you will be able to focus on your triceps. Almost no other muscle groups are engaged (at least not as much).
    • You can easily pick the amount of weight that allows you to perform the moves comfortably and correctly.
    • Dumbbell workouts require more power and focusing in order to keep movement and your balance.
    • You can perform exercises with full range of motion that leads to better muscle stimulation.

    Are they enough?

    Most of the people in the gym use barbell and dumbbells, but from my experience if you want big and strong upper arms you need to do tricep exercises without weights. Dips and push ups are required, and weight training is an extra for toning.

    On the other hand, if you are a beginner and you have no power yet to do bodyweight moves, then hand weights are suitable to start with.

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    What to pay attention to

    Below you can learn the most effective free weight tricep exercises with dumbbells but it is vital to do the motions correctly. To achieve that follow these tips.

    • Warm up and stretch before to avoid injuries and after your workout routine.
    • Do not use to too heavy weights. Pick ones that you can handle comfortably and let you perform the number of sets and reps. Using too heavy weights can cause injuries, as well.
    • Focus on your muscles while you do the moves. You have to feel the “pain”.
    • Do the motions slowly until you get used to them.
    • Do not jerk the weights.

    Let’s see the best five dumbbell workouts for triceps.

    List of dumbbell tricep exercises

    1. Dumbbell tricep extensions

    It is maybe the most well-known one recommended by bodybuilders. There are a few versions. You can do one or two arms extensions, and you can sit or stand. Each version is great but of course with the two-armed version you will be able to handle more weights.

    No matter which you prefer, you need to lower the weights behind your head slowly and as deep as you can and raise the dumbbell until your arms totally stretched.

    Watch the videos below to learn how to do them.


    Lying Triceps Extension

    This exercise is usually done by a barbell, but I prefer using dumbbells since it needs more power.

    2. Tricep Kick Back

    It is one of my favorite, but it is not easy to perform correctly. When you do it, hold your elbow close to your body. Your hand is parallel to your body. Do not use your shoulder just your tricep.


    3. Triceps Bench Press

    Typically, we do bench press for chest, but it is also efficient to build the triceps. With dumbbell tricep press, you can imitate the close grip barbell bench press.


    Free weight tricep workout

    Now you know what are the most beneficial tricep weight exercises, now let’s see a workout routine in which these moves are used. As I said just using dumbbells is not enough to increase strength and the mass of your upper arm, so do other exercises as well.


    To Sum Up

    If you combined the mentioned calisthenics moves and these tricep dumbbell exercises you do not need to do anything else to build the upper arms you dream about. They are suitable for both men and women, and they can be done at home.


    What are the best tricep exercises with dumbbells for mass?

    From my experience, the best move is the dip for size and building strength. However, triceps extension on the bench lifting heavy weights is another one that works for me really well.

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    James Wright

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      1. I prefer free weights as it is harder to perform the moves, so your muscles work harder. I mean they are better for building mass and strength. On the other hand, machines provide more focused moves, so you will be able to concentrate more on your triceps.

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