Why You Should Make Time for Massage Therapy

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A massage is not only for relaxation purposes, as many people may think. When attending a massage session, some health issues you might be suffering from are also alleviated.

Also, there are several types of massages, which are made using different intensities and techniques, to serve best the purpose they are used for.

Not knowing that a massage therapy is beneficial for solving health problems is shown in the reduced percentages of persons that choose to enjoy a massage and the rare incidence in which people have it throughout a year. Thus, about 16% of adults in America have only 1 during a year, and 26% of the people got one in the past 5 years.

So before thinking that it is only a spoil, read the following information and find out what are the health benefits of massage therapy.

What Massage Therapy is Good For

It is known in the medical world that massages can help in a great deal if a person is suffering because of pains, especially in the muscular system. Also, muscle spasms and soreness, after a considerable physical effort, for example, can be soothed with the help of a well-made massage. Body stiffness and physical rehabilitation after an injury are other cases in which a massage therapy can work in a positive manner.

But it can help a person maintain a good general state of health throughout the entire body, as it will enhance the flow of the blood and lymphatic system, which keeps the cells nourished and properly oxygenated.


So, why do you think people attend a massage therapy?

There are many reasons why you should do this.

First of all, there are the medical reasons, which imply pain relief and management, issues of the muscular system and the neck and back area, to sustain a faster recovery after an accident or injury, and to stay fit.

If you ask the opinion of any doctor, you will see that a massage therapy can be an excellent choice of an alternative treatment that can be applied in numerous cases, especially since many of us have static office jobs and suffer from back and neck pains.

Massages can also help you relax and reduce stress. So it would be an excellent choice if you want to feel brand new after a long and exhausting day, or week. Simply, it is great for your nervous system and for stress management.

And, of course, some people enjoy it as a wellness ritual, since such a treatment will make you feel special, and have a positive impact on your mood.

What type of massage therapies are there?

As mentioned before, there are many types of massages, each of them implying a particular technique and pursuing a certain purpose. They are destined to solve better an aspect that may be bothering in your case, improving the situation and making you feel great. So here are the types and the way they can bring you benefits.


Shiatsu, performed by applying pressure to certain areas of the body, with various intensity, with the purpose of balance the inner Qi. In Chinese culture, the Qi is the energetic flow of the body, so this massage is destined to bring it back to equilibrium, which will promote a good general state of health.


Deep tissue

Deep tissue, usually used in the cases of stiff muscles and pain, as it releases the tension that accumulates within. Strokes and pressure applied with the fingers are used in this type of massage.



Swedish, a gentle form of massage, with long strokes and friction, for increase mobility and joint flexibility.


Trigger point

Trigger point, efficient in the cases in which knots are formed in the muscular tissue. With the help of fingers, deep pressure in applied on the affected area, for tension release.


Hot stone

Hot stone, a massage that does not use the physical force of the masseur, but the action of volcanic rocks, which are preheated and applied to specific areas of the body.



Sports, excellent in the case of persons that are doing regular physical movement and might experience too much strain on their muscles. It helps relax those parts of the body that are overworked, improving the overall state.


Aromatherapy, a massage that uses the scents of essential oils to enhance the experience and results offered by this therapy. Some scents are considered to be calming while some are energizing or used for reducing stress.


Prenatal, perfect in the case of expecting women. Not only the techniques are specially developed for the future-to-be mother, but also, the massage table is adapted, to fit the growing belly and help the woman relax during the session.



Lymphatic, which enhances the flow of the lymph throughout the body. The lymph is highly needed in the organism, as it carries around the white cells, the defensive cells of the body, which fight against bacteria and viruses. Thus, the massage is great for keeping the immune system in good shape.


Reflexology, based on the belief that on our feet, there are certain areas that correspond to our internal organs. By applying pressure to these points, the massage will help improve the condition of the correspondent organ and help alleviate any issue of it.

So you see, a massage is not just a pampering method, but also a therapy for improving your overall health status. It helps reduce stress and pains, keep the blood pressure at normal levels, chase away migraines, make us sleep better, and even assist in managing anxiety and depression.

Some Tips Before Having One

To make the most of each session, there are a couple of things you can do before attending it.

  • For instance, do not eat before the massage, because you will stay on your belly, making it uncomfortable if it is filled with food.
  • Try to be there on time, because the stress of being late will not allow you to relax properly.
  • Ask the massage therapist what oils or creams will he use and announce if you know that you are allergic to any of them. If something is painful and bothering, do let the therapist know, because you have to enjoy your time, not bear it as torture.
  • If you feel dizzy after it is over, take your time and do not rush to get off the table.
  • And don’t forget to drink plenty of water afterwards, as it helps your body wash away the toxins, stimulated by the massage therapy.

Now you know what are the benefits of massage therapy. The next time you feel full of stress or pain in your muscles, or just you want to get rid of the problems of your life, go to a therapist and let yourself pampered.

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