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Best Exercise Equipment for Seniors to Get Fit & Healthy

    exercise equipment for seniors

    Aging is never a valid excuse for not having an exercise routine. It doesn’t matter whether you are above 50 or 60, a daily exercise schedule will always keep you active, fit and healthy. It has a positive effect on human body, irrespective of age. It helps you stay functional and keep your organs processing accurately. Workouts contribute to making you more productive as well.

    But when it comes older adults, the element of strength does decrease a bit, and their bodies become frailer. It doesn’t mean that you have to stop exercising. But choosing appropriate exercise equipment for seniors at home can give you a better opportunity to work on your fitness, staying active and avoid any serious injuries.

    Many elderly have a history of working out in their youth and early adulthood, and thus their bodies are practically used to exercise routines. Such bodies are actually in a much strikingly better shape than their own kids or grandkids.

    In this article, we are going to discuss the best exercise equipment for seniors that they can either work out on in gyms or purchase for their daily workouts at their homes.

    1. Upper Back Strength Equipment for Healthy Back

    Often the older age people complain about back aches and un-aligned or rounded postures. This is caused by problems with the back strength and weakness of back muscles. It is important for older age people to pay particular attention to the back muscles and make it a priority to strengthen these muscles.

    For such purpose, there is various upper back strength equipment. One is called the lat pull-down machine while the other is known as seated row.

    The lat pull-down machine exercise is performed in a sitting position where you pull down a bar while seated. You can avoid injuries by bringing down the bar to the front of your body. Almost all the home gym equipment have this function.

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    Here is the tutorial.



    2. Rowing Machine for Endurance

    The row is pulling resistance away from the body where your elbows and shoulder blades have the most pressure. Sets and repetitions depend on the fitness level and health conditions of the user.

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    Learn what are the benefits of using a rower.



    3. Recumbent Exercise Bikes for Comfortable Cardio

    recumbent exercise bike

    Best exercise bike for seniors

    For the people over 50 years of age, recumbent bikes are an excellent choice for gym workouts. Stationary exercise bikes for seniors are found in two varieties. One of them is a traditional model where you sit on a regular bike seat while the other is the recumbent type that contains a chair like a seat.

    Both are excellent choices for cardio workouts, but as elderly people can stress their back with the traditional model, the recumbent is a preferable choice. It gives you a comfortable seat for the workout and is much safer and easier to use. You can easily get off or on the bike as well. The recumbent bike is low impact exercise equipment for elderly and is highly beneficial for those who have joints issues like arthritis.

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    4. Ellipticals for Low Impact Workouts

    Elliptical are not necessary exercising equipment for everyone, but they work wonders for older adults. They make use of foot pads in an elliptical position to operate. Minimal stress is put on back, knees and hips. According to experts at MayoClinic, elliptical are one of the lowest impact fitness equipment for seniors.

    Learn its benefits from the following video.


    Elliptical machines also have armrests that allow the elderly more stability. It also has levels that enable the user to work on the upper body as well as lower body. The most important part of this exercise machine is your body posture. The shoulders, head, and back must be kept straight, and you should avoid leaning towards the handrails.

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    5. Treadmills for Indoor Walking & Running

    elderly fitness equipment


    Another highly comfortable way of remaining in shape, for weight loss and staying fit for elderly people is walking. But walking in older age can be hard sometimes due to changing weathers and inability to cope with the fast-paced traffic. Sometimes, the parks and other walk-friendly routes are also not very close to home.

    For such reasons, treadmills in gyms are the best choice. Even in the harsh summer heats or cold winters that can seriously detriment your workout routines, a normal temperature of gym and treadmill can seriously amp up the fitness routine. You can walk freely, without any obstacles at your pace on comfortable surface. The environment is serene, and you always have handrails for support.

    You can try walking without using handrails as well, whenever you feel you can keep the balance. Just make sure when you are walking, your eyes are kept straight so that you avoid any serious injuries.

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    6. Weight Bearing Exercises for Seniors for Strong Muscles & Bones

    For elderly people, weight bearing can be a little challenging. Weight bearing exercises are an integral part of workout routines for people of all ages. But as people age, it becomes difficult for them to lift barbells or dumbbells.

    Weight training equipment is better than free weights as they are safer and comparatively easier to use. You will not lose your balance or fall while doing weight bearing training. These equipment isolate the muscles that are prone to injury as well. Thus, according to American Council on Exercise, weight training machines that let you push and pull are perfect for elderly people.

    7. Exercise Peddler for Cycling from Your Seat

    This is a small equipment that is useful for those who spend most of their days with sitting. It is the small version of an exercise bike, but obviously, it does not provide so many functions. By pedaling while you sit you can have a healthier blood flow in your limbs, and you can maintain the health of the muscles.

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    8. Hand Gripper for Strong Hands

    As the years pass, hands and lower arms get weaker. This leads to problems if you want to bring or pick something. You can easily keep the health of your hands and maintain a firm grip if you use a hand gripper. It is a simple tool you can use anywhere and anytime. Also, the best models let you change the resistance level.

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    9. Stability Ball for Strengthening Your Core

    Sitting on the fitness ball is an excellent activity to strengthen your core muscles. A strong core leads to better posture and balance. Also, better overall physical fitness. The ball can be used for several other exercises as well as for stretching to improve your flexibility.

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    10. Resistance Bands

    With these cheap, compact and mobile equipment you can add light resistance to your exercises without the fear of getting an injury. They can also be used for stretching.

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    Before performing any exercise, it is strictly advised that you consult with a proper guide, trainer or physician first. You do not want to worsen your health conditions or push yourself beyond the boundaries. You need to understand that with age, bodies undergo changes, and they become more fragile. If you ever feel dizzy or experience pains, never hesitate to take a break and discuss it with your medical health care provider.

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