Bodyweight workouts or calisthenics are excellent strength training to build muscle and strength. Most of these exercises are compound moves which work your body as a whole leading to better functional strength.

Below you can find the most useful workout equipment for bodyweight training and calisthenics at home.

best pull up bar

Best Pull Up Bar for Home? – Free Standing vs Mounted vs Doorway

If you are searching for the best pull up bar, I’m sure you have bumped into thousands of bars. But, if you have never bought one before, you may find it hard to pick the most suitable for your upper body workouts. What are the different types of pull up bars and which is the most suitable for you? A ceiling or a wall-mounted, doorways, or a freestanding? What features you should check out before buying? These are questions that I would like to answer in this guide so that in the end it will be easier for you to


Power Tower With Sit Up Bench Review

Are you searching for home exercise equipment for full upper-body workout? Then, this power tower with sit up bench can be an excellent choice for you.