Do you want to train your entire body at home? Check the following reviews, comparison and tips to buy the home gym machines that will allow you to strengthen your upper and lower body.

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What Are Best Types of Weight Machines for Home Gym?

Do you want to buy a weight machine for home? Well, I know it is not an easy task if you have never purchased a home gym before. There are hundreds of strength training systems on the market. How do you know what type is the most suitable for you? Instead of showing you certain products, I would like to focus on the different types of machines for resistance training. I will show you their pros and cons, for whom they are the most suitable for and how versatile they are. You know, I have been lifting weights for almost


In the posts above I try to reply all questions in details, but in case you are in a hurry, here are a few quick answers.

Are these machines are good for weight loss?

Well, building muscles has a positive impact on losing weight since the more muscle mass you have, the faster your metabolism is. On the other hand, for burning calories, the most beneficial are the cardio workout equipment such as the treadmill, spin bike, the rowing machine, recumbent bike or maybe be a punching bag. Hence, they are better for obese people.

What is the essential equipment for lifting weights at home?

Dumbbells, a barbell with bumper plates, an adjustable weight bench and a power rack or a squat rack. These products are enough for bodybuilding and powerlifting. These gears are the most useful to gain muscle. You can make the most beneficial free weight exercises such as the bench press, deadlift, and squats. If you are on a budget, buy affordable hand weights first.

What kind of accessories will I need?

Using rubber flooring is recommended since mats protect the floor and prevent the machine from moving and wobbling. You may also want mirrors, speakers, unique lightening and pictures to make your room a more enjoyable place to work out in. You can find a lot of design ideas online.

What are the best home weight machine brands?

There many manufacturers out there selling hundreds of products. Bowflex, Marcy, Body-Solid, Nautilus are famous companies, but always check out the customer reviews of the model you want to buy.

What about the prices? What is the best home gym for the money?

Well, there are home gym systems under 200-300 dollars, but obviously, they provide fewer functions or not so heavy-duty. The better items start at $500, and the most durable gyms that are packed with a lot of functions are around 1000-1500 dollars. If you want to workout seriously, get a better one.

How much space do I need to use these machines?

It depends on the item. Basically, the more functions are added to the equipment, the larger it is. If you have a small space, live in an apartment or have a low ceiling, always check the dimensions of the product carefully. On the other hand, there are compact machines.

What is the best equipment for bodyweight training?

I always suggest the pull-up dip station (power tower) that allows making the essential bodyweight exercises such as pull ups, chin ups, leg raises, etc. It is far the best home gym machine for that type of workout.

Can you show me home gym design?

Just check out this collection on Pinterest.