7 Exercises for Girls to Tone Arms Without Going to The Gym

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How to tone arms at home

Have you got a little bit fat on your arms? Or just want them to look better by toning them a bit? However, you do not want to go the gym?

Well, I have good news for you because there are a lot of exercises you can do at home with your bodyweight or with just cheap equipment such as dumbbells.

Here I’m going to show you seven arms exercises for girls that will strengthen and tone your arms. In case you have no equipment at all, just look around in your house and find something to work out with. For example, instead of using dumbbells you can use bottles with full of water.

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Best arm exercises at home for girls

1. Triceps Dip


Get a chair or something stable for performing this bodyweight exercise. The dip is a great move for your triceps, but it works your shoulders as well. To maximize the outcome of doing deeps keep your lower back and butt as close the chair as possible. Obviously, the deeper you go, the harder the exercises will be. It is among the bestĀ arm toning exercises for females without weights.

2. Push Ups


Push up is the ultimate upper body exercise without weight. It works your triceps, chest, shoulders and even your abs. In case, you cannot do any full push-ups yet, do it on your knees first.

Also, you can do different variations to focus more on one particular muscle group. If your hand placement is wide, it works your chest more. While narrower hand placement gets more of your triceps. Knee version is the among the best arm exercises without weights for beginners.

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3. Double Arm Biceps Curls


The best exercise to shape your biceps and strengthen your lower arms is the curl for sure. Do not worry if you have no dumbbells at home. Get a bottle of water, canned food or your baby.

The only thing you have to pay attention is to keep your elbows close to your body and do not use the momentum. It is among the best bicep exercises for girls.

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4. Triceps Kick Back


Grab weights again and bend over while standing. Your knees should be a bit bent as well, but keep your back straight. Put your elbows as close to your torso as possible. Row your arms back towards the ceiling without moving your elbows away from your body. Do not use the momentum again. Do the move controlled and focus on your triceps muscles. You can do it with both arms or with a single arm.

5. Shoulder Press


As its name suggests, this exercise is for the shoulders, but it works your triceps as well. You can do it in a standing or a seated position.

While doing the move, lower your elbows a bit below your shoulders. When you press the weights, they should be in front of your forehead and not behind your head.

6. Up Down


This is a very similar to the plank exercise, but it is not static. It tones your chest, shoulders, arms, and abs. So, it is an all in one upper body workout. Plus, since a lot of muscles work together it burns a quite of a lot of calories.

7. Bent Over Wide Row

Bent Over Wide Row

While this exercise mainly focuses on the rear delts, the backside of shoulders, it must be in your arm workout. From a standing position bend forward, but keep your back straight. Your elbows should be at 90 degrees while performing the move.


Why are there so many moves for the triceps and not the biceps?

The biceps muscles are much smaller than the triceps. Hence they need more attention. Plus, in most of the cases, the fat is stored on the back side of the upper arms and not on the biceps area.

Why should I train my shoulders as well?

Firstly, strong shoulders are required for almost all the exercises that come into your mind. Plus, since they are on the “top” of your upper arms, they should be toned as well.

Can you suggest me an at home arm workout routine?

Sure. Pick 3-4 of the exercises above and make 3-4 sets with 10-15 reps or for one minute. Of course, the time and the number of reps depending on the amount of weight you use. Also, you can combine with other body parts for example with core training.

Where can I get cheap dumbbells for girls?

Look around here. I’m sure you will get a pair that suits you and inexpensive.

How to get slim arms without weights?

If you have arm fat that is a sign that your body fat level is high. Therefore, you need to burn it, and for that, the best is cardio workout combined with strength training. Find fat burning HIIT workouts here.


As you saw, there is no need to go the gym to tone your arms and get rid of that jiggling fat on your guns. Do these exercises 2-3 times a week. Also, if you have a few extra pounds, you can get results faster if you do fat burning cardio workouts at home.


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