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How to Find Your Ideal Workout Buddy

    how to find workout buddy

    Since I started working out, I have had several workout buddies. To tell the truth, they were good friends, but not someone who I wanted to workout with. I say, finding the right workout partner is as hard as finding a good boyfriend or a girlfriend.

    But, who is the optimal workout partner who will help you to reach your goals? What kind of characteristics would he or she have? In this post, I would like to give you some tips to find the right person for you.

    1. Motivated

    Has it ever happened to you that you felt yourself let down or you had over-trained a little bit yourself the day before? Those are the days when you want to sit at home doing nothing instead of working out. A good workout buddy does not let you do that.

    But this only works if you are motivated like he. Who wants to train with someone who is always complaining about something? Nobody. Sooner or later your friend will be fed up with your snivel and get rid of you. You just make his workout harder.

    2. Accurate

    workout-partnerI had a friend whom I loved worked out with, but he was always late. After a few month, I said goodbye to him.

    A good workout buddy respects your time. He is prepared mentally for the training, and he is always on time.

    3. Unwavering

    Do you know what successful people do to reach their goals? They dare to dream, and once they have the crystal clear goal, they plan how they will reach it. They do not spend their energy on finding shortcuts but always do their best to get what they want. Shortcuts just make you weak. And this is true for fitness goals as well.

    An unwavering man does not care about the weather, the time of the day. Nothing! When it is time to workout, he does not care about anything else.

    4. Positive

    I have another friend who has always been overweight. He has time and money to change his body, but he is the typical forever pessimistic guy. He has started working out several times but always gave it up after a few month. Whenever he started his head was full of negative thoughts like “It is impossible for me to lose weight” “I’m too weak to lift weights” “It will take me years to reach my goals.”, etc.

    I believe those thoughts were the reasons for his failure.

    A good workout buddy should be optimistic like you. He has dreams that seem to be impossible to accomplish, but he does everything to reach them, and finally he does.

    It does not even matter if he is too optimistic.

    Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence. ~ Helen Keller

    5. Doesn’t Whine About Everything

    workout-togetherHas it ever happened to you that at the gym you had to listen to a man bitching about everything? “I’m cold.” “I’m hot.” “I’m too tired” “These weights are dirty.” There is no more depressing and annoying than that! And just image how such a partner can kill your training.

    6. He is Like You

    If you believe in the same things in life, it will be easier to get along with each other. Also, since you are at the same level, there will be a healthy competitive spirit between each other. And that makes your workouts even more efficient for sure.

    7. Nag to Train Harder

    Sometimes we need some “motivation” when we tend to get too comfortable. All of us have moments when we get weak and do not want to get the maximum from ourselves.

    However, a good workout partner will not let you do that! He tantalizes you. And at the end, your ego helps you to overcome the obstacles Of course, your buddy should not humble you. But a good friend will never do that.

    8. His Workout Moral is Like Yours

    It is better to train with someone who is a little bit above you. But, not too much because you will not be able to get with his pace, and that is bad for your self-evaluation.

    On the other hand, if he is not as dedicated as you, he will ruin your workouts and make you mad for sure. So, do not train with someone who talks all the time, or someone who likes making jokes or anybody who makes you demoralized. You cannot train hard and focus on your training with a guy like that.

    If you have more tips that should be on this list, feel free to share them in the comment section below. I hope this list will help you to find your ideal workout buddy whom you will be able to reach all your fitness goals. Maybe, your best workout partner is among your acquaintances. You can also check out the list below to find workout buddies online.
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    James Wright

    James (36) has been working out since he was 15 years old. He has a home gym where he pumps iron, does bodyweight workouts and boxing. He likes sharing his experiences with others who want to build a better physique.

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