5 New Fitness Equipment Inventions That Most of Us Cannot Afford

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Everyone wants to be fit and slim so that we join the gym, buy exercise equipment for home and try various diets. Who else does not want to look good, right? And, with that, the fitness industry is boosting.

Every week a new revolutionary diet comes out. And, the manufacturers “invent’ new machines that are promoted as “the ultimate equipment to get the perfect body.” The fact is that most of these tools are not as effective as they seem to be. They are just the “reinvention of the wheel,” a kind of the improved version of existing workout equipment. But, that improvement is usually negative regard to effectiveness. Plus, they cost far more than the old stuff.

But, because they are trendy, and recommended by so-called fitness experts, we want to use them and get one at home.

Recently, I bumped into a Twitter post from Insider called “These inventions make every workout exciting” in which they listed five equipment. Without a doubt, these things look cool under usage, but I do not believe they worth their price and can substitute traditional equipment.

Check the video and read on what I think about these items.


1. The Frog

frog fitness

Well, the Frog looks a “very modern machine,” and it claims to have a full body workout. There is no doubt that that pushing pulling compound exercise works almost every part of the body, particularly your core. You can also use it for vertical exercises like shoulder presses rows, squats, etc.

Then what is the problem with it?

Its price!

That baby costs $1300 which was a discounted price when I wrote this post.

The funny thing is you can do the same exercises or more by spending 100 bucks or less.


You can substitute push-pull horizontal exercise with an ab wheel that cost $10 and works your core really well. If you are willing to spend a little bit more, you can buy a wheel with ankle straps so that you can use your lower body as resistance instead. Lifeline Power Wheel is such equipment.

For the other exercises, get a barbell with weights or a pair of adjustable dumbbells. You can get a pair of 52 lb adjustable dumbbells with weight plates for 50 bucks here. Or, if you prefer barbell training, a bar with 100 lb plates here.


You have saved over 1K dollars.

To tell the truth, I would never pay for the Frog.

If you are still interested in you can check out here.

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2. The Interactive Boxing Machine

Interactive Boxing Trainer

This is undoubtedly very modern boxing equipment. Boxing and kickboxing are very powerful workouts to train the entire body, burn fat and develop endurance. Plus, it is a fascinating way to exercise. I do it with a real heavy and speed bag for a few years now with excellent results.

The idea behind the interactive boxing machine is that it shows and tells you where to hit pads. And, you can choose from various programs. So, for beginners, it is easy to follow the workout.

But, again the price. The basic version costs about $1000, and pro version is way more.

How can you substitute it?

Get a heavy bag, a pair of gloves and hand wraps. If you have the place, buy a hanging bag, if not a freestanding one. The whole set for home boxing will cost you less than 200 bucks.

And learn!

Learn the elemental punches, combos, and footwork. There are tons of learning sources online. That is what I did.

Plus, for 5 bucks you can get the Precision Boxing Coach app which is the best application that calls out punches.

So, the idea is not bad, but for home training, I would not spend as much again.

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3. Laddermill


Climbing anything is an excellent full body exercise. When we climb a ladder, in this case, we have to use the power of our lower body to push and the upper body (mainly arms and back) to pull ourselves up.

Without a doubt using this machine is fun because we can change the speed and the angle of the climbing area. But, its price which is around above $4000 makes it too expensive.

What to do at home instead?

Get a pull-up bar that you can fix to the frame of the door (just for $20-40), or an exercise tower ($100-150). So, you can do pull ups and chin ups to strengthen your upper body. For lower body, bodyweight squats, lunges, etc. will do.

Another equipment that I would like to have at home is the climbing rope, but I do not have such a high ceiling to install it.

You can find more info about the Laddermill here.


4. The Quiet Punch

quiet punch

This doorframe punching bag is excellent equipment for those who would like to have boxing training at home, but have no place for a heavy bag. You can quickly install and unmount it. Plus, it does not cost an arm and leg.

Obviously, you cannot throw powerful punches on it, but for practicing combos, cardio purposes and developing punching speed and focus, it is useful equipment.

On this list, it is my favorite one.

You can get more details about it here.


5. The Treadwall


Wall climbing is an exciting activity which is a total body training. And this machine allows you to do that activity at home, since it requires not that much space. You can change the speed, the angle of the climbing surface and there are 190 hold placements. So, you can customize your training.

The idea is not bad, but this machine starts from 8000 dollars that just a few of us can afford.

The substitutions for the Treadwall are the same as for the Laddermill.

You get more info about it here.


To sum up

Well as you see most of the mentioned fitness inventions here are pretty expensive, but you can substitute them with much cheaper equipment. The only thing I would spend my money on is the Quiet Punch.

What do you think about these inventions? Are they effective? Would you get one at home?

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