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Get Rid of Hangover Quickly With These Proven Foods and Drinks

    foods to get rid of hangover

    You are after a long but cool night party. You wake up, and you feel yourself like a cloth in the sink. Who wants to spend the next day like that?

    Don’t worry! There are some superfoods that can help you to get rid of a hangover. They cleanse your body from those toxins and give the energy to get over that bad feeling.

    1. Banana

    Bananas are full of potassium and sodium. These minerals help your body to get rid of alcohol. When you get up, just get a banana, or you can make a banana salad or juice.

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    2. Orange Juice

    If you ask me what is the best drink after a party, I put my vote on orange juice. No, I’m not speaking about the juices you can buy from the store, but fresh juice made at home.

    Orange holds tons of Vitamin C which is a strong antioxidant. Also, it contains fructose which helps you to get rid of a headache.

    3. Water

    hangover cureDo you get up in the morning and have a big cup of coffee? Don’t do that! It just makes things worse as coffee dehydrates your body even more.

    No matter what sort of alcoholic drink you have, it dehydrates your body. And, if we add that you danced a lot and sweated like hell, you can imagine how much water you body lost at night.

    Dehydration is one of the main reasons why you feel yourself so bad after a night party. So, drink as much water as you can. Mineral water is maybe the best option since it holds a lot of minerals. If you do not lake the taste of the water you can flavor it with some lemon or lime.

    4. White Tea

    White tea is one of the healthiest drinks you can have to detoxify your body. If you had a lot of foods and alcohol last night, just drink a few cups of white tea. You will feel the change sooner than you think. Also, white tea is packed with various antioxidants and helps to normalize your cholesterol level.

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    5. Apples

    Apple is maybe the most underestimated fruit, but it has so many powerful nutrients. It holds a lot of vitamin C and E, also folic acid. These are the best enemies of the hangover. By eating at last two apples, you can refill your vitamin store. Also, apple helps your digestion to recover.

    6. Cabbage

    I remember when I was living at home, my mom always made me a light cabbage soup to help me getting rid of the hangover. It worked like a charm. After having a plateful, I feel reborn.

    Cabbages like other green leafy vegetables are packed with tons of vitamins like B6, A, C, K, and potassium. A cabbage soup detoxifies your stomach and compensates the lost vitamins.

    7. Fennel

    Well, it is not my favorite, but it helps to get over hangover quick for sure. It helps your digestion, and it is a cure fort bloating. It also helps your body to break up alcohol faster so that it can flush the unwanted components quicker.

    8. Pomegranate

    This fruit is a superfood for sure, and it is delicious. It has a lot of vitamin C and E as well as folic acid, flavonoids, and iron. If you do not have at home, you can buy healthy pomegranate juices in organic shops.

    9. Lemon & Lime Water

    If you are interested in healthy eating, I’m sure you have heard about the health benefits of drinking a big glass of lemon water in the morning. It is great not just for its high vitamin C content, but also it enhances your digestion, regulates the pH level of your stomach and supports your liver. As a result, your digestion system will generate more beneficial bacteria, and that leads to efficient detoxification.

    10. Coconut Water

    Coconut water is a not only a yummy refresher, but it holds electrolytes that can be found in sports drinks. If coconut water is excellent after a hard workout, it is a perfect hangover cure as well without a doubt.

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    Other Tips

    • Always have a nutritious breakfast. Your body needs the energy to recover.
    • Tomato juice is another powerful drink to cure your belly.
    • Have a little bit of honey. It will regulate your blood sugar level, gives energy and packed with beneficial components.
    • Exercise a little bit. From my experience working out also helps, just do not overdo it! I always feel myself better. I do a quick 10-20 minute cardio that is all.

    So, these are the foods and drinks I recommend you to have for hangover symptoms. Before going to the party, check out if you have a few of them at home, so when you get up, you can cure yourself immediately. I know it is easier to get a pill, but it does more bad than good.

    And do not forget “Prevention is better than cure!”, so be careful with how much and what you drink.

    Have you got other tricks to get rid of symptoms of a hangover? Share with us below.

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