Get Huge Forearms With These Weight Free Exercises

forearm exercises without weightsStrong forearm, fingers and wrist are crucial to perform different movements correctly and in addition a huge forearm looks pretty good.

In most of the cases, we do not train this muscle group separately as we think the biceps and triceps workouts are enough. But the truth is that this muscle group needs strengthening as well, hence you need to include in your workout plan.

Did you know that there are many forearm exercises without weights? Usually it is suggested to do upward and downward wrist curl with a barbell or dumbbell, but there are numerous body weight and other moves you can do as well.

Here you can find some efficient exercises you can do without weights. There are simpler as well as harder ones, so you will surely find the one which suits your fitness level and you can include in your trainings.

Grip Workout No Weights

In this video, you can find some exercises you can do at home. The only equipment you need is a chair! These activities are especially suitable for beginners.

Killer Forearm Routine

Another pretty creative video with some exercises you can do at home by using a towel and a chair. The towel squeeze is good to strengthen your fingers and wrist.

Top 3 Body Weight Exercises for Forearms

Typically, those who do calisthenics have incredibly great looking forearms. This is because pull ups, chin ups, muscle ups and other movements work the lower part of the arm very efficiently.

I have shared this guy’s great body weight biceps workout here. In this video, he shares useful suggestions on how we can build forearm with various calisthenics movements.

For example, he talks about hanging with one, two, three or four fingers. When I started doing calisthenics my grip was rather weak so I could not perform moves correctly. I started doing this finger hanging and it did magic. Now I can do it using my own body weight. 🙂

He also mentions hanging with one arm, finger tip push ups and others. Excellent tips, I think this is the best video about this topic.


Forearms Workout with Body Weight Exercises

Another very useful video in which you can discover how to modify the pull up movement in order to focus on the forearms. It is also a useful guidance if you want to make muscle ups.


Simple Exercises You can Do Wherever You Want

In this video, you can check out some pretty simple activities.


Hand and Finger Strength Workout at Home

This guy shows more exercises you can do at home using the things around you to develop your lower arm strength.


I also recommend rope climbing and wrist push up.

The mentioned workouts are very helpful, mainly the body weight ones, but I recommend using weights as well or special forearm exercise equipment if you want to get the best results. Finally, do not forget to stretch after a workout!

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What do you think about these exercises?
Is it possible to build real strong and big lower arms with them?


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