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What Are the Health Benefits of Fresh and Dried Figs

    figs benefitsWhen I was a little guy, my mother used to buy dried figs for us telling it is one of the healthiest foods in the world. To tell the truth, it was not among my favorite fruits, but now it is part of my diet. I usually consume it as a snack or in case I need something sweet, but healthy to chew on.

    Why are figs good for you?

    It has been proved by several studies that there are numerous health benefits of figs. It helps to prevent several diseases, and it holds a lot of beneficial nutrients. They contain a lot of minerals, fiber and vitamins, especially if we consume it raw.

    nutritional benefits of figs

    As you see from the nutritional value of figs above it is high in fiber that supports weight loss, helps to feel ourselves satisfied for a long time and has really positive effects on the digestive system. It is also rich in Vitamin A, C, B-6.

    One of the main benefits of eating figs is that it includes a lot of potassium that is a powerful mineral that helps to control the blood pressure.

    Learn the following presentation to discover why are figs good for.



    10 Reasons Why You Should Eat Figs

    • It has a laxative effect, so helps to get rid of constipation.
    • It is also rich in calcium which is the building element of the bones. In case, you cannot have dairy products, having it is a suitable alternative.
    • Since it contains a lot of fiber, it is an excellent food for losing weight. However, you should keep in mind that it is rich in carbohydrates so consuming too much may result in weight gain.
    • Dried and fresh figs reduce the risk of cancer, especially colon and prostate.
    • As I told before its components control the blood pressure. Therefore, this fruit is great for those who suffer from high blood pressure.
    • It also helps to lower the level of cholesterol.
    • Studies have proved that it can help to treat sexual weakness as well.
    • We do not consume the leaves of the tree, but in some culture they use them for several meals. The leaves are high in components that are natural cure for diabetes. You may be able to find fig leaves liquid in special shops.
    • Smashed figs can be used as skin cleaner to prevent an cure acne.
    • It is a natural antioxidant.

    And finally learn from the video below what are the benefits of figs for men. Yes, guys anjeer can do miracle.


    How to eat figs?

    The best way is to eat them raw to enjoy all the benefits of this miracle fruit, but dried is as good. You can have it with yogurt, oatmeal, but I usually eat them as a snack. It should be included in a healthy eating plan.

    Where to buy figs?

    Be careful! Some producers add sugar to their products to speed the process of drying and to make them sweeter. This process makes them a calorie bomb. Always buy from trusted places.

    No you know the health benefits of figs. Eating this fruit regularly is an excellent source of beneficial nutrients. If you have not done it before it is time to buy your first pack.

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