Full Body Workout Machine for Home Guide

If you want to have a full body workout at home, there are many machine options you can choose from. But, first, you have to decide what you want. I mean, do you want to build serious muscle mass or strength as if you were going to a commercial gym? Or, you just need a home exercise equipment for shaping your body a little bit? Also, the space you have and your fitness level are also factors that you have to keep in mind.

As I mentioned, there are some options to choose from. Here I would like to help you to find the best full body workout machine for home. I show you which unit is useful for what and for whom it is recommended. Also, their pros and cons.

1. Power Rack, a Barbell, Bench – Full Body Free Weight Workout for Massive Muscles

Full Body Workout Machine for Home

Lifting free weights is the best way to gain muscles. The movements are not controlled by a mechanism of a machine leading to the engagement of both primary and secondary muscles. Moreover, you can get a full range of motion, and these exercises improve your balance and muscle coordination as well.

The first bodybuilders hardly have any machines, they just lift, but they were as big as a mountain. They did mainly compound exercises such as squat, bench press, deadlift.

To have a full body weight lifting workout at home, you need to have each of the equipment mentioned.

The power rack provides a safe setting in which you can squat and bench press. Thanks to the safety bars and catchers, you can comfortably and safely mount and unmount the barbell. You do not even need a spotter, but it is recommended if you lift heavy when you challenge yourself. Power cages typically have a very high maximum capacity, so you will hardly outgrow it. Finally, racks are equipped with pull up bars, and some models even with a pulley system.

Interested in racks? Check out the following guides for details.

I recommend having an Olympic barbell with weights. Olympic because such bars have a standard length which is compatible with other equipment. The amount of weight plate to start with is 300 lb, but that obviously depends on your level.

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The last unit is the adjustable workout bench with an acceptable weight limit. Why adjustable? Because you can do flat, incline and decline presses making your total body workout even more versatile. The maximum capacity of the bench is something you pay attention to. Get one with at least 500 lb, or more so you do not have to be afraid of breakage, and it will serve your development in the long run.

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What are the cons of such a weight lifting set?

Firstly, to get everything, it is quite an investment, which is a minimum of 1000 bucks, but the limit is the sky depending on the brand. However, these home workout equipment are durable and very versatile.

Moreover, people who have never lifted weights before needs time to get used to this type of strength training. And, spend time learning the proper form of the various exercises. Otherwise, they may suffer an injury.

To sum up, I recommend rack with bench for people who prefer lifting weights and who take bodybuilding seriously. It is the best workout machine to build muscle.

2. Multifunctional Home Gym Workout Machines

best exercise machine for a full body workout

These are typically weight stack pulley machines, but the popular Bowflex gyms come with power rod resistance. The amount of resistance is usually from 100 to 300 lb, depending on the model.

The benefits of these units are that they are equipped with multiple functions to have a total body workout. Typically, they have high pulleys for lat pull down or triceps extension. And, low pulley for rowing or biceps curls. Some have chest, leg development stations, and even mid-pulley.

Even the modest workout machines support at least 20 types of exercises and the high-end ones up to 100. Hence, these units are rather versatile and substitute many home exercise equipment providing a full body workout.

These devices are particularly beneficial for beginners since they come mechanisms that control the movements so that they can get used to strength training. They provide a safe environment to work out.

Moreover, these are small home gyms, sometimes with folding options, so the right choice for people having limited space at home.

The best buy are Bowflex machines with power rod resistance, particularly Bowflex Blaze, because they are very versatile. Marcy home gyms are excellent weight stack machines at an affordable price. But, if you are willing to pay a little bit more, Body-Solid full body workout machines are the most professional ones.

What are the disadvantages?

To get big, you have to lift heavy free weights, and these units have their limits in resistance, and they control the motion. So, if you are serious about muscle building, these items are not for you.

To sum up, these types of machines are for people who are satisfied with a mild or medium level strength training.

3. Power towers – Best for full upper body bodyweight workout

power tower

The third option is the power tower, or pull up and dips station. If you prefer bodyweight training (calisthenics) as I do, then this multi-station workout machine is something you find very useful.

It comes with a pull-up bar, dip station, push up bars and vertical knee raise station. This way, you can strengthen your entire upper body with the most beneficial bodyweight exercises.

You can check out the best pull up dip stations here.

Moreover, we should not forget that workout towers cost far less and more compact than the previous two options.

What are the cons?

Well, there are no options for lower body workout. However, there are a lot of bodyweight squat variations that do not require any equipment at all.

Also, beginners may find it hard to get started since doing pull-ups or dips are pretty hard. You have to lift your entire body weight. Although you can use rubber bands for assistance.

To conclude: I believe the power tower is the best home exercise machine for body training. Plus, compact and affordable.

+1 Cardio Machines

This list would not be complete without mentioning cardio equipment. We use these machines to burn fat and develop the cardiovascular system. So, they are not for building muscle, but a few still provide total body training.

The winner is the rowing machine. The rowing motion is such complex that almost all the muscle groups take place. We can also increase the resistance to such a level that even supports muscle gain making it the best exercise machine for all over toning.

The best rower is without a doubt the Concept 2 Model D rowing machine, but you can check out cheaper rowers here.

Treadmills and stair climbers are other equipment with similar benefits that are worth to consider.

To sum up

These are my best full body workout machine for home suggestions. I hope you can decide which option is best for you. Want to build big muscles? Get a rack and weights! Not? Get a multi-weight machine or a tower. If you have any questions, feel free to ask below.

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