Can You Get Big With a Home Gym?

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Do you want to make a home gym but skeptic if it is enough to get big? Well, you are not alone. A lot of people have already asked me.

What is my answer? It depends on.

Not the best answer, right? But, I’m going to get into the details, so you will understand why I said that.

What do you mean by a home gym? A Machine?

multi purpose home gym machine

The first point that we have to clarify is if you think about the home gym machine that comes with various functions or about the “room” with various home workout equipment.

If you want to use a machine, then my answer to the question if you can get big is: NO!


The modern machines let us to strength all the major muscles groups. Typically, they are compact home gyms that supports numerous exercises, for example with Bowflex home gyms you can do over 50 practices.

But, they have their disadvantages particularly in case you want to build big muscles.

  • Firstly, they have limited resistance which is usually around 200 lb. That is not bad and may support your development for a while, but sooner or later you need more.
  • Moreover, the other problem with these machines is that they control the motion too much. I mean, they “help” too much and with that, you do not enjoy such workout benefits as if you were using free weights. (I’m going to talk about lifting weight later.)

So, if you want to grow big, a machine is not an option.

I do not say they will not help you to pack on a bit of muscles mass and shape your body, or even get stronger. But, for serious strength and mass, they are not enough.

However, with the help of a machine, you can make your strength training more versatile. Also, it helps to get a better definition for a particular muscle group.

Let’s say your primary free weight training for chest is bench press to build the size and strength. With a machine having chest fly function, you can shape your pecs.

Bodybuilding at home? Have a free weight home gym!

Get Big With Home Gym

How to get big muscles at home

Bodybuilding has been around for more than a century, and there were huge guys even a hundred years ago. There were no shiny and modern machines, they just lift weights and did bodyweight exercises.

And, that is the key: free weight training! Barbell and dumbbell exercises for every muscle group. That is what you want if you want to be really strong and big.

The benefit of lifting weight is not just effective strength training, but it also decreases imbalances and promotes functional strength.

Most of the practices are also compound exercises meaning more than one muscle group is activated to manage the movements.

Just think about squat, bench press or deadlift. How many muscles are activated to control and accomplish the motions? They teach your body to function as a whole.

What do you need?

Well, obviously you need an (Olympic) barbell with bumper plates and adjustable dumbbells.

Plus, a power rack which is vital to perform the most essential exercises like squats safely (even without a spotter.) But, it is such a versatile home gym equipment that you can do numerous weight lifting and bodyweight exercises with it as well.

Finally, an adjustable weight bench for presses and others. An adjustable bench allows you to perform flat, incline and decline exercises as well.

I know it is quite an investment, but if you look around carefully, you can set up a free weight home gym under $1000. Even if you buy premium quality gym stuff, from manufacturers like Rogue, your money comes back in less then 2 years considering the high gym membership prices these days.

Finally, we have to mention that you will never outgrow your weight lifting equipment. If you need more load, you will just get a few new weight plates.

Want to grow big at home? Lift weights!

Bodyweight home workouts to gain muscle? Can I get big with it?

build muscle with bodyweight strength training

How to get buff at home with bodyweight training

Well, I know a lot of people who are really cynic about calisthenics. Yes, you could not get such a size like bodybuilders, but you can build amazing functional strength and body.

Basically, bodyweight training does not require a serious investment in exercise equipment. You need a pull-up bar and dip stand. A power tower comes with both. Even an all in one calisthenics home gym can be set up from under 500 bucks.

If you are interested in this type of strength training, check out our calisthenics category.

Summing up

How to get big at home? With lifting weight and bodyweight training.

I know commercial gyms are packed with various devices giving a false feeling that we need them all. However, most of them are not vital for muscle building. Have the mentioned gym stuff at home, and it is going to enough.

If you have more questions about working out at home, feel free to ask below or check out our home gym page for more answers.


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