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Why Ginseng Is the Ultimate Herb for Health

    ginsengTo tell the truth, I have tried several herbs in my life, but none of them has such positive effects as the ginseng. I have been using it for two years now, without side effects, and I feel it does good to me both mentally and physically.

    Here I would like to give you detailed information about the ginseng. You will learn what it is, how to use it and its health benefits.

    Ginseng Types

    We can group this herb based on the species and how we prepare them. The most popular types are the Japanese, Chinese, Korean and American ginseng. They are in the group of Panax ginseng.

    The Russian or Siberian ginseng, in reality, it is not a ginseng, but a plant that has the same health benefits as the “normal” ones.

    Also, there is white and red ginseng root based on how they are prepared.

    After harvesting the white root, it is whitened by using sulfur dioxide. Then it is dried in the sun. While the red ginseng root, before drying, is treated with hot steam. However, there are many other ways how ginseng products are made.

    So, they get the components from the root of the plant. And the older the plant, the more beneficial ingredients its root holds.

    However, depending on the type of the plant and the processing, the ginseng product has lower or higher amount of beneficial agents. Hence, there can be a big difference between the various supplements.

    Basically, it is an excellent herb for anyone who wants to avoid illnesses and improve mental and physical performance. But, we are going to go into details of the health benefits later.

    Active Substances of Ginseng

    This herb holds oils, amino acids, carbohydrates, saponins, phytosterol, peptides, and vitamins.

    This plant has a normalizing function. That means it strengthen the entire body. If it is required, it stimulates. If it is needed it soothes and sedates.

    It is an adaptogen plant. That means it can neutralize the stress effects and it can make a balance between the work of the various organs.

    What are the Health Benefits of Ginseng

    ginseng health benefits

    This herb is very popular among sportsmen and women as well as those who live an active lifestyle as it is efficient for disease prevention and performance improvement.

    It boosts the mental capacity, strengthened the immune system, release stress, protects the heart. On top of that, it is a natural pain killer, soothing and helps the functions of the thyroid.

    The healing effects of ginseng mainly come from its ginsenosides content. These chemicals stop the symptoms of stress and increase the mental and physical performance.

    Hence, it can be used to increase the working performance, concentration and to get rid of fatigue. It is very beneficial for the recovery after illness to strengthen the weakened body.

    It is a natural cure for insomnia, arthritis, and indigestion. Plus it helps the body to use the minerals and vitamins.

    It also has antioxidant effects that help to prevent various liver and eye illnesses, and atherosclerosis.

    Other important components of the ginseng lower the blood sugar level and strengthen the immune system. These agents quicken the generation of those immune cells that are responsible for destroying the harmful bacteria and viruses in the body.

    This plant also has beneficial effects on the adrenal since it helps its proper functioning. Hence, your body will be stronger against stress. Several studies have proved it helps to lower the effects of extreme mental and physical stress.

    Other studies have proved that long usage of ginseng slows the immune system weakening processes that come with age. This way the body is stronger against infections and free radicals.

    Do you work out? Take it!

    No matter what type of sport you do, you can get great befits of taking ginseng.

    It enhances both your physical and mental performance. You are going to get tired both in your body and mind later. It also boosts the endorphin generation.

    It has positive effects on the muscle function and the energy use of the muscles. That is why it is used by runners and bodybuilders. It also enhances the blood circulation and this way it develops the endurance of the body.

    It improves the lung function, increases the adrenalin generation and speeds up the regeneration.

    It also lowers the blood sugar level and the insulin production. This way you will be able to work out harder especially at the end of intensive training.

    Let’s recap in a list what the ginseng is good for.

    • Enhances the endurance
    • Helps to get better memory
    • Make your skin looks younger and lowers deepness of the wrinkles.
    • Has positive effects on the muscle function and their energy usage.
    • Natural painkiller and tranquilizer
    • Helps to release stress
    • Boosts both the mental and physical performance
    • Contributes to get rid of fatigue and tiredness.
    • An excellent herb for ill people to recover.
    • Lowers the cholesterol and blood sugar level.
    • Helps to work out harder by delaying the feeling of fatigue
    • Boosts the endorphin hormone generation
    • Increases sexual desire naturally
    • It may help to cure impotence
    • Supports cancer prevention
    • Assists the thyroid gland
    • Natural treatment for depression, stress, addictions, infections, hepatitis, herpes
    • I may help to burn fat and lose weight.


    How much ginseng should I take?

    There can be big differences between the various ginseng products. The quality and the amount of active ingredients may vary. So, it hard to tell the right daily dose. But I’m sure there are instructions for each product, so just follow those.

    Personally, I take it for 3 maximum 4 weeks then I have a week free. This works for me well. I have never experienced any side effects.

    What happens if you take in too much ginseng?

    If you use it for a long time at a high dose, it can cause high blood pressure. Hence, it is not recommended for those who suffer from cardiovascular and heart diseases. Also, do not take it if you are pregnant, and breastfeed, or you have asthma or lung problems. Finally, based on the suggestions of Chinese doctors do not take it in the case of flu, cold or fever.


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