Amazing Health Benefits of Carrots & Recipes

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Did you know that the carotene gets its name from the carrot? Why? Because the carrot is the ultimate source of alpha-carotene, beta-carotene and vitamin A. If you have one cup of carrots (110-120 grams) that will provide 6-7 times of the suggested daily vitamin A intake! There is no need to have vitamin A supplement just have these magical roots. From this post you will learn all the health benefits of carrots.

As you see from the nutritional facts below, this superfood contains several other vitamins, minerals and it is high in fiber as well. Hence, it is a fabulous food for a balanced diet. Moreover, there are so many many ways you can consume it.



Carrot Nutritional Benefits

  • Beta-carotene is a sort of antioxidant, so carrot consumption supports anti-aging.
  • This root contains a lot of anti-cancer components. Researches have proved that these components help to prevent breast cancer, colon cancer, and lung cancer. This green is rich in falcarinol that is a natural pesticide and an efficient cancer-preventive property.
  • Most of us know that eating carrots is good for eyes. And it is absolutely true. This veggie is rich in lutein, lycopene and vitamin A that are essential for the health of the eyes. The deficiency of these properties can cause night blindness.
  • It is a natural prevention against heart diseases, high cholesterol level, and blood pressure level because of its alpha-carotene, potassium, and fiber content.
  • A study from 2011 proved that carrot juice is a natural remedy against leukemia since its elements reduce the number of cancer cells.
  • This vegetable is low in calories but rich in various nutrients, so it is a suitable food for losing weight. Because it is rich in fiber, it helps you to feel satisfied for longer. I usually have carrots as a snack between meals.
  • Regular carrot eating helps to keep your teeth and gum healthy and clean. It is a natural toothbrush, and it holds calcium as well.
  • We must not forget that it is rather rich in vitamin C as well, and that supports your immune system.
  • We can also make a mask from this veggie which is excellent for skin.

I think the best way to to consume carrot is making a juice from it. My kids love it and it hold all the beneficial components mentioned above.

Carrot juice health benefits



What to care about when you buy and consume

There are many “versions” of this vegetable, but you should buy the ones that have a deeper color. The darker the color, the more carotene it contains. Try to buy fresh organic vegetables since on those farms fewer chemicals are used. They are maybe not as beautiful but undoubtedly healthier.

After buying the carrot remove the leaves from the top. It helps to keep the water in the root section. Keep in a cool place.

In order to enjoy all the health benefits of carrots, the best is to eat them raw or make a salad. When you boil veggies, they lost a lot from their nutritional value. However, there are many delicious recipes.

After turning to healthy eating, I got rid of chips and other unhealthy snacks. A healthy alternative is to crunch some carrots. When I watch a movie, I always have some and other fruits. We usually give baby carrots for our children to crunch on. They love them since they are sweet.

There is no question that this green is among the healthiest foods in the world. Regular consumption reduces cancer risk, and it protects your body from various other diseases. It is simply a natural medicine.

Healthy Carrot Recipes

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