Healthy Eating Tips From the 1950s (That You Should Still Follow)

The funny thing is that they make a perfect “infographic” with great tips then they finished it with “Eat any other foods you want” – from 1943.

If you think that healthy eating and weight loss is the fad of the last 2-3 decades, I recommend you to check out the following video which was made in the 50s.

Any differences between the suggestions of those days and now? Nothing!

The next time you see a new “revolutionary” diet that says it helps you to be healthy and lose weight, remember what it says was already told almost 70 years ago.

One thing is true for sure, though. Those days shops were not stuffed with unhealthy junk, and people cooked their meals at home. And I’m sure raw foods were much healthier then now. So, it was maybe a bit healthier to eat healthily.

Here is my favorite healthy eating quote from Michael Pollan

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