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It’s Time to Enjoy Healthy Fall Foods


    Fall comes with many changes, including some in your kitchen and diet. The greatest thing about each season is that there are different foods that we can find fresh and enjoy in that particular period.

    And when it comes to eating healthy, fresh season foods are the best option. They are not preserved in any way and can be easily found in farmer’s markets, where you can be sure that they were cultivated and harvested in the best way possible.

    So let us see what healthy fall foods we can eat during the fall season when we need to get our body ready to face the cold season.


    It is definitely one of the foods that let us know fall is here (and to tell the truth it is my favorite one among the autumn foods). It is filled with vitamin C, incredibly useful for strengthening the immune system, and vitamin A, great for a healthy eyesight, growth, and development.

    It also contains precious folate, a great compound for expecting mothers, as it helps fetal development. And when you can make so many dishes out of the pumpkin, adding that unique, sweet autumn taste, this food is a great candidate for a place in your kitchen.




    Squashes are plentiful when fall arrives, coming in all shapes and sizes. Packed with vitamin C, A, potassium, which is great for muscle if you are working out and to maintain a good blood pressure level, and fibers for excellent digestion.

    The greatest part about a squash is that you can eat it in various ways. Fresh in salads, or as an ingredient in soups or other dishes. It will bring that balanced fresh taste to any meal.



    Another great veggie that will bring vitamins to your diet, like A and C, an excellent source of potassium and fibers. They are highly appreciated as a side dish for meat, as their tastes and texture mix very well. Even if it mostly has the same benefits as other vegetables, it is great to diversify what you are eating.

    Sweet potatoes

    Now this is something you shouldn’t miss in autumn. The steaming flavor of sweet potatoes is one of those flavors autumn is famous for. Besides the well-known vitamin A and C, it also contains the precious vitamins B-6, responsible for mood adjustment and the proper function of our brain.

    It is also a source of copper, much needed in the composition of our blood. Feel free to experiment a great variety of dishes, from soups to baked potato chips.

    Watch the video to learn more about this superfood.



    The sweet taste of beets is welcomed in many dishes. Pregnant women should consume it for the content of folate. Also, people with heart and blood pressure issues should have them in their diet, as it regulated blood pressure and protected the heart. Not to mention that the present vitamin C will make sure your immune system can take the coming of winter.




    Apples are probably the most appreciated fruits of autumn. Mixes with cinnamon, they make an exceptional filling for pies. Eat them raw, prepare applesauce, bake them in the oven, there are simply countless possibilities of enjoying an apple. And when they are filled with vitamins and fibers, your health will have much to gain.


    These perfumed and delicious fruits are something that should not miss off your autumn table. Because of their reduced dimension and easy peeling, clementine are the perfect snack. And a healthy one as well, as they are packed with vitamin C and fibers. Indulge your senses with a clementine and the cold season will not seem so grim anymore.


    These berries are a must because they are an excellent health bomb for your health. Vitamin C, K for blood coagulation, manganese for bone health and reduced stress, plus fibers, are the benefits these small fruits can bring you. But, unless you like sour foods, cranberries are best baked, as an added ingredient.

    Watch the video to learn why cranberries are so prefect foods for fall.



    Another traditional fall fruit, with an unmistakable flavor. Vitamins C and K are present here as well, and fiber will take care of your digestion. Feel free to eat the fresh or to add them to your desserts, or even as a side dish for duck meat.


    The sweet-sour flavor of this fruits is simply a delight. Use the red seeds in soups, salads, smoothies, desserts or eat them as they are. You will get a portion of iron, great for forming the red cells in blood, and vitamins B-6 and C.

    In my opinion, these are the most delicious healthy fall foods that are packed with all the goodies your body needs to prepare itself for the colder days.

    You can find a lot of healthy fall food recipes on this Pinterest board.

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