“Healthy Foods” That Are Actually Bad for You

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What do you usually eat to keep your body healthy and if you want to lose weight?

If you say “I prepare my meals from healthy ingredients, and I do not have processed foods”, then congratulation, you are on the right way.

However, most of the people who dream of losing some pounds or want to pay attention to the food they consume a little bit more, do not do that. Instead, they search for the so-called “healthy” foods in the supermarket. Ones that labeled as sugar-free, low-fat, natural and who knows how they are labeled as.

It is much easier than cooking, isn’t it? And they are so delicious? Why the hell should you spend time with preparing your meals and having raw food if you can buy yummy and “healthy” ones? They have the same effect, don’t they?

Unfortunately, NO!

Almost all of these products are processed ones and with that they contain additives and other components that are bad for you. So, even if you do not take in so many calories, you take in unwanted chemicals.

The food industry knows really well how to sell their products as if they were the healthiest ones in the world and the cure for weight loss.

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Food is a great business, especially in this era when we are searching for healthy ones. People are more and more health conscious, and they are searching for the best products. Ones that help them to lose weight and keep their body healthy.

Which one do you buy if you want to lose weight? A diet coke or the normal one? Of course, the diet soda, since it has no sugar. However, you do not think about that it still holds a lot of harmful ingredients, which actually makes you fat and unhealthy.

Within the following video, you can learn 10 foods and drinks that are thought to be healthy and good for weight loss, but they are not good at all.


To sum up, if you want to be healthy and drop some pounds, then consume whole food and forget all the processed ones even if they are promoted as healthy ones. Try to eat what your ancestors had when there were far less processed things and they had what nature gave them.

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