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The Ultimate Guide to Heavy Punching Bag for Home

    guide to heavy punching bag

    So, you want to have boxing workouts at home but do not know how to buy the right heavy punching bag for you?

    Well, I’m here to help you because from this guide you will learn everything you need to know before buying a bag.

    I have my boxing bag for about five years now, and I have to say it is the most valuable piece of fitness equipment of my home gym. It has helped me a lot to lose weight, boost my endurance and self-defense skills.

    The first thing you should ask yourself what will use it for? Will you use it for only cardio boxing workouts or martial art training? Or maybe for both? You should know what you will use your punching bag for since it influences the choice.

    So, let’s see the features that you should pay attention to.

    Things to Consider When Buying

    Size & Weight

    Usually, manufacturers recommend buying a bag which weight is half of the person. So, if you are about 200 lb, you should get one which is about 100 lb. This way the bag will not swing so much when you land powerful punches or kicks on it.


    However, from my experience, this advice is not always good, and lighter bags work better in some cases. Also, many boxers, MMA fighters and other professionals in various martial arts use a bag that is lighter than half of their weight. Among them was Mike Tyson who used to hit a 3.28 ft high and a 66 lb heavy bag, although he was such a big and strong guy.

    Why might lighter bags be better?

    The reason is that if you punch a lighter bag, it swings more. This way it imitates the movement of an opponent more efficiently developing your reflexes and accuracy. Also, you have to move more around the bag to avoid being hit and to throw punches, making it a better to have a heavy bag cardio workout.

    So, to sum up, do not be afraid to buy a heavy bag that is lighter a bit than half of your weight since it is a good way to put yourself in a “real fight situation.”

    See how Tyson has to move.

    What about the bigger and heavier bags?

    Heavy punching bags with larger size and same or heavier than your body weight are suggested for developing the punching power and general strength. Since they are sluggish, they are not the best option for enhancing accuracy and speed, though.

    For kicking and punching, bags that are higher than 4 ft (about 120 cm) are recommended, but heavy bags under this size are recommended only for punching.

    Heavy bags around 4 ft are multipurpose since they swing but not too much like the smaller ones. Hence they are perfect for practicing kicks and punches (even for beginners).

    The biggest equipment in size 4.5 ft – 6 ft (140-180 cm) because of their height and weight are suitable for landing low kicks that can be useful for people practicing Muay Thai or kickboxing.


    The traditional shape of a bag is not the most suitable for throwing uppercuts and crosses. If you want to focus more on these punches a wrecking ball heavy bag is better for you. But that type useful for someone who is truly serious about a martial art.

    If you cannot decide between the traditional heavy punching bag and the wrecking ball, then another option might be a punching dummy that looks like the upper part of a human. As the head and the torso are separated, you can practice suitably the head and body punches and kicks. This way you develop your accuracy and concentration.


    Another important feature you should pay attention to while buying is the material of the bag.

    The leather heavy bags are the best for sure as they are durable and provides the best user expensive. However, they are typically costly. So, if you are a beginner or you just want to train at home as a hobby, there is no need to buy a leather punching bag. There are cheaper alternatives that are still good.

    Synthetic leather is another material that looks like genuine leather, but its durability is far worse. It quickly wears, and tears and its price is still rather high.

    Canvas is cheap, but besides tearing and wearing, it is also difficult to clean and wears the boxing gloves as well.

    The best option is the heavy duty vinyl because that material is durable, easy to clean, provides a good user experience, but the price is affordable.

    Hanging vs. Free Standing Heavy Bag

    Finally, let’s talk a bit about the free standing and hanging bags. Both of them have their pros and cons.

    I believe a hanging bag is the best since it is the most suitable equipment to practice punches and kicks and to imitate the feeling of fighting with a real opponent. However, it needs space and installation.

    Recently free standing bags have become very popular since they do not require installation and can be easily stored. But, they usually do not stand huge punches or kicks. They fall over or even worse break. It is hard to find a durable and stable freestanding bag that is suitable for a serious trainer.

    I think now you have an idea what to look for when buying one and you can pick a bag that suits you the best.

    I think a 4 ft (120 cm) 80-100 lb punch bag is suitable for most the people training at home.

    Other Tips

    Keep in mind that you may need additional exercise equipment to work out safely and efficiently. Since we are talking about heavy punching bags, it is crucial to protect your hands by wearing hand wraps and punching gloves.

    Also, you may need accessories to install the hanging heavy bag, but most of them come with everything you will need. In case you do not want to spend your time with installation, you may try to get a heavy bag stand.

    If you want to improve your speed, reflexes and hand-eye coordination more effectively, get a speed bag or a double end bag as well.

    Top 5 Heavy Punching Bags Reviews

    I have put together a quick overview of the most reliable punching bags that you can buy on Amazon at a pretty good price right now.

    1. Outslayer Boxing MMA 100lbs Heavy Bag (Filled)

    hanging boying bag filled

    If you are searching for a durable and perfectly made bag, this one is for you. My personal favorite.

    It comes filled, so you do have to care about getting things to stuff into it. On top of that filling inside it does not sink to the bottom even after extended period of usage. So, the bag keeps its form and hardness everywhere.

    The 100-pound weight, 55-inch height, and the 14 inches diameter makes it a perfect choice for any martial art from boxing to MMA since you can kick it as well.

    The straps are already sewn onto the bag, so you do not have to buy them separately. Plus, when you use it you do not have to listen to the sounds of the clinging chains. (That is annoying, and not just for you.)

    It comes with a D-ring at the bottom of the bag so you can use a rubber band to fix it to the ground if you find the swinging too much.

    The warranty is excellent as well. If there is any problem with your it in 10 years, just send a picture of the problem, and you will get a brand new bag (unless it as damaged by a sharp object or weather).

    Read more customer reviews here
    459 Reviews
    Read more customer reviews here
    • Made in the USA
    • 10 years warranty
    • 100 lb (but it can be stuffed up to 300 lb)
    • 55″ plus 10″ of the length of the straps

    2. Outslayer 80lb Boxing and MMA Punching Bag Kit

    Punching Bag Kit with gloves wraps jump rope

    This is the little brother of the previous one, but it is about 44 inches in length. Hence, this item is more suitable for boxing workouts.

    When it is filled with fabric, it weighs about 80 lb. But it is not already filled, so you have to load it with clothes, sand or other material! However, the maximum capacity is 300 lbs.

    The great positivity of this product is that besides the bag, it comes with a few extras such as hand wraps, jumping rope and heavy bag gloves. So, you do not have to buy equipment separately, but still, the price is surprisingly affordable.

    Anyway, the other features are the same as the previous model has.

    More details & customer reviews
    68 Reviews
    More details & customer reviews
    • 4ft (44 inches) tall and another 12″ are the straps with D-rings
    • 10 years warranty
    • 80 lb (but it can be stuffed up to 300 lb)
    • Complete set for boxing at home

    3. Muay Thai Heavy Punching Bag (130 Pound)

    We were talking about that long, and heavier bags are more suitable for enhancing punching power, body strength and also for lower kicks. Well, if that is your goal, then this bag is for you. It is 6ft high and 130 pounds in weight, making perfect for any martial art, particularly Muay Thai.

    It comes already filled with fabric that is machine compressed for optimal density. Hence, it keeps its shape for a long time providing good user experience even under heavy usage.

    Since it is made by Outslayer as well, the other features are the same as the two previous ones.

    More details & customer reviews
    319 Reviews
    More details & customer reviews
    • 6ft (72 inches) tall and another 12″ are the straps
    • 130 lb (can be filled up to 300 lb)
    • 10 Year Warranty Certificate

    4. Century Wavemaster XXL Training Bag

    While I’m not the biggest fans of freestanding heavy bags, this list would not be complete without mentioning Century Wavemaster bags.

    I pick the XXL training bag because from all of the other models it is the most durable and provides the best user experience. It is even used in gyms. However, its price is higher than the others.

    One problem that usually occurs with a freestanding kickboxing bag like this is that they fall over if they are punched or kicked strongly. XXL base can be filled with a lot of sand and/or water making it a 270 lb when XXL is full. This provides an excellent stability even if you kick it powerfully. Even if the basement is massive it may move a bit, but not fall over, when it is hit hard. This basement move may generate some noise as well.

    The hight of the bag is 69 inches which is optimal for an average hight trainer to place punches on it. The diameter is 18 inches which is rather wide but makes it a good choice for beginners.

    Century Wavemaster is covered with heavy-duty vinyl making it a durable and comfortable surface. The filling is high-density foam which also comfy to hit and protects your knuckles. But, not everyone like that softer surface.

    One significant advantage of this standing punching bag is its mobility so you can put it away after usage. Although it is maybe not easy considering its weight.

    Compared to other similar equipment out there Wavemaster XXL is more durable and suitable for almost any fitness level. But you can check out similar bags here as well.

    More details & customer reviews here
    583 Reviews
    More details & customer reviews here
    • 69 inches tall / 18 inches in diameter / weights 270 lb
    • Ultra-stable weight distribution
    • No assembly required

    5. Century BOB XL with Base Unit

    And finally, let me introduce you BOB your “real” opponent with durable plastisol skin and urethane foam inside. This guy lets you practice head and body shots perfectly. Beat him with kicks, punches, and elbows.

    His base can be filled with water and/or sand making 270 pounds. So, you do not have to be afraid of falling over and moving too much if you attack him with a “normal” power. However, if he is set to the highest level and get a huge hit, he may land on the ground unconscious (but that maybe makes you happy since you have a feeling as if you knocked out someone.)

    BOB comes with multiple height setting so you can grow him to a level that is optimal for your hight and training.

    Can BOB be your new workout buddy? Yes, if you find hitting a real body more enjoyable than a hanging bag or you are lack of space. Also, BOB does not require installation and can be stored easily. But if you are a strong and big guy or a professional you may find him a beginner opponent.

    Check how it works for users here
    355 Reviews
    Check how it works for users here
    • Comfortable and safe punching surface.
    • Excellent stability.
    • More realistic workouts

    Cheap Punching Bags

    You may find the models above a bit expensive, but you get what you pay for, high-quality equipment that will support your workouts for a long time. You do not have to worry about tearing, wearing and other problems for years.

    Of course, you can buy cheaper products, but I do not recommend unless you will use it for fitness purposes or hit them lightly. They are maybe better for kids and women.

    You can check out a few cheap yet rather reliable boxing equipment here for example from Everlast, Title Boxing and Ringside brands.


    I hope this guide to heavy punching bags will help you to get the bag that will suits your workouts the best. Anyway, hitting the bag is a fantastic training for both men and women that makes you fit both mentally and physically. (There is nothing better than getting the stress out of yourself with a punching workout after a hectic day.)

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask below.

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