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How to Buy Home Gym Machine & Use It Efficiently

    buy home gym machine

    If you need an all in one equipment to strengthen, tone and develop all of your muscle groups at home, you may need a home gym machine.

    Such an equipment at home has many benefits.

    They are suitable for men and women and for those who have basic is higher fitness level. You can save money on gym memberships and do not have to travel. You can workout whenever and wherever you want. Nobody disturbs you and you can train at your own space.

    If you are new to strength training and you think of buying your first machine, then you are maybe a bit confused about which is a good one and if it works for you or not.

    In this post, I would like to provide you some home gym buying tips and how to use it efficiently.

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    What to consider when you buy home gym machine

    1. Buy one that lets you work all muscle groups

    If you decide to invest in a machine, which can be expensive, you need to get one that comes with all the features you need to work all of your muscles. These are your legs, chest, biceps, triceps, back, shoulders and your abs.

    In most of the cases, the best home exercise equipment is just a little bit more expensive, but you will be able to do far more types of exercises. Besides you will be able to adjust it better to increase to decrease the resistance and suits your personal needs.

    A good example is Bowflex Blaze home gym which is a total gym.




    Learn what sorts of exercises you can do with it by checking the user manual like the one below.


    2. Stability and robust structure

    Since you are going to use weights, sometimes heavy ones, stability and strong structure is crucial to avoid injuries and accidents. You know “You get what you pay for”. There are cheap home gyms, but you must be sure that they are not durable and sooner or later you will have problems with it.

    There are two rules.

    The heavier, the better. If it is just “some pounds” you must be sure that it is not made from high quality and thick materials.

    Another rule of thumb is to buy a system that looks more square, and the width and height are almost the same. Just think about it, if a machine long and high, but not wide, how stable it is?

    The most important factor you need to always keep in mind is safety.


    3. Will you have enough space?

    In most of the cases these machines are big so check if you have enough space at home to use effectively. If not check out this post about small exercise equipment.

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    Tips to use the machine effectively

    1. Put it somewhere you can see

    Has it ever happened to you that you bought a piece of at home fitness equipment, used it for a few times, put it somewhere you never see and forgot about it? Do not hide it!

    Put it into a room where you can see ever day to remind you to workout. You paid for it, so use it!

    The best place might be your living room. During you workouts, you can listen to motivational music or watch TV (but do not forget to focus on your workout). You may also place motivational pictures on the wall that fit the design of your home.


    2. Do not over-complicate your workout routine

    You do not want to be a bodybuilder, just look better and be fitter. Most of those who have never used any weight training equipment before over-complicate their workout routines. Start slowly and learn how to do the exercises properly. Do fewer sets and reps and use lighter weights until your body get used to the training.

    As you get familiar increase the variety of exercises, the number of sets and reps and, of course, the amount of weight. In the beginning, it is enough to have 30-minute workouts three times a week. Then you can increase the amount time, but you should not exercise over 1 hour, and 4-5 times a week. Your body and mind need resting.

    For the first month work all muscle groups on each of your training sessions three times a week. Then you can try split training when you work one or two muscle groups on the day.

    Anyway, most of the models come with beginner workout routines, and there are a lot of routines online as well.

    However, do not forget that consistency is the most important factor to build strength and muscles.

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    An example routine.


    3. Make training a habit

    Your aim is to make working out a habit. One technique is to write the workout days into your calendar or somewhere you can every day.

    In the beginning, it will be not comfortable to start your training, but once you get used to it will be hard to postpone it.


    Where to buy home gym machines?

    Firstly, I do not recommend you buying used home gym equipment. In many cases, a new one comes at almost the same price as a second-hand one, but you will get warranty, free shipping, extras, etc. You can also find home gyms for sale online almost always.

    Before buying anything, always check the customer reviews, ratings, specifications, warranty, etc. You should also see many products and compare them.

    The best place you can buy one is Amazon since you choose from hundreds of models, at different prices and functions and we must not forget about the huge discounts you can bump into. You can even save hundreds of bucks on the best home gym equipment.

    Overall, a gym for home is a great piece of equipment to form your body. If you use it frequently, you are going to see results for sure.


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    James Wright

    James (36) has been working out since he was 15 years old. He has a home gym where he pumps iron, does bodyweight workouts and boxing. He likes sharing his experiences with others who want to build a better physique.

    4 thoughts on “How to Buy Home Gym Machine & Use It Efficiently”

    1. Thank you for this useful guide. However, my problem is that I have a small place to workout. Do you know a home gym that I can easily hide away, a foldable one.

    2. I turned my spare bedroom into a gym and I use to have like 5 different machines. I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted and my let me test out his home gym and I loved it!! My family thought I was crazy for buying something so large, but I’m getting better results then ever and now they are considering one too! 🙂 it’s the only way to go!! 🙂

    3. Thank you for the article you shared with us. It is very informative and has been told in a very easy way the benefits of having a gym exercise equipment at home. This is really beneficial to work out at home yourself instead of going to gym centers and pay monthly rental. All you need to know the ideas that how to use that fitness equipment. Thanks again for this great article.

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