Best 30 Homemade Healthy Energy and Sports Drinks

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healthy-homemade-energy-and-sports-drinksAre you an energy drink addict? Do you have at least one bottle sports drink after your tiring workout?

Then, you must think about if those things are good for you. Unfortunately, these beverages are usually full of sugar and a lot of artificial components that do not do good for your health.

Just a few a few things what they may cause.

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I know, it is important to refill yourself with vitamins, electrolytes and minerals after your workout. And I also understand that the simplest way to give some boost for your body is to gulp down an energy drink.

However, there are far healthier alternatives made from nutritious ingredients which help you to achieve the same results, but much healthier. You can do them at home fast and easy.

There are hundreds of healthy sport and energy drink recipes out there. I spent some time with collecting the best ones and here is the list of my favorite ones. The list contains 30 recipes now, but I’m going to add more.

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Dec 04, 2014 - - 2518
DIY Electrolyte Sports Drink

Do you need something to fill your electrolyte level after a long running or workout? This is the drink you need.

Dec 04, 2014 - - 2199
How to Make Your Own Chia Seed Drink

Chia seeds are full beneficial nutrients such as potassium which help a lot to recover form your workouts.

Dec 04, 2014 - - 2951
Super Energy Drink

Have you got 5 minutes? That is enough to make a really delicious drink that will boost your energy level.

Dec 04, 2014 - - 2373
Cherry Lemonade Energy Drink

Green tea, cherry juice, lemon, coconut water! All the best things are mixed in this homemade energy drink.

Dec 04, 2014 - - 1957
Energy Cocktail

Carrots and parsley. Nothing more is needed for this healthy cocktail.

How to Make Your Own All Natural Sports Drinks

Dec 04, 2014 - - 2404
How to Make Your Own All Natural Sports Drinks

I'm not the only one who thinks the energy and sports drinks that you can buy at the local store are bad. In this video you can learn who you can make nutritious drinks at home.

Dec 04, 2014 - - 2301
Light Energy Boost Smoothie for Early Mornings

Is it hard to wake up in the morning? Forget coffee! Get this morning energy booster.

Dec 04, 2014 - - 2484
Flaming Red Energy Juice

The best veggies and fruits are mixed in this complete drink.

Dec 04, 2014 - - 2406
Why You Need to Drink Coconut Water

Are you searching for a drink that is nutritious, refreshing and a bit sweet? Then, coconut water is for you.

Dec 04, 2014 - - 2374
Lemon-Lime Lay-Low Drink

Lemon and lime are the two basic components of this drink. You must be sure that you'll get your daily C-vitamin portion.

Dec 04, 2014 - - 2170
Natural Sports Drink Recipe

Homemade sports drink recipe without artificial flavors or ingredients.

Dec 04, 2014 - - 2126
EatingWell Energy Drink

A really refreshing lemon recipe which is boosted with tea in order to provide you some caffeine.

Dec 04, 2014 - - 2255
Homemade Rehydration Drink Recipe

For lemon and honey lovers

Pomegranate, Jasmin Tea and Chai Seeds Combo

Dec 04, 2014
Pomegranate, Jasmin Tea and Chai Seeds Combo
Dec 04, 2014 - - 2046
Watermelon Workout Drink Recipe

There is no question that water melon is among the tastiest fruits and it is really healthy. Here is how to make a great drink from it.

Various Homemade Energy Drink Recipes

Dec 04, 2014 - - 2382
Various Homemade Energy Drink Recipes

The carrots, beetroot and orange are all high in vitamins A and C, antioxidants and phytonutrients such as alpha-and beta-carotene. Also a great source of potassium, just a real boast and tonic when you need it.

Homemade Electrolyte Drink Recipe

Dec 04, 2014
Homemade Electrolyte Drink Recipe
Dec 04, 2014 - - 2344
5 Homemade Natural Energy Drinks to Fuel Your Workout

Want clean energy to burn during exercise or when playing sports? Need a good post-workout recovery drink? Skip the artificially colored energy drinks and pasteurized, highly-processed, and refined juices in bottles and tetra packs. Instead, why not prepare your own fresh, all-natural, and truly nourishing high-octane vegan sports drinks?

Home Made Gatorade Energy Drink Recipe

Dec 04, 2014 - - 2411
Home Made Gatorade Energy Drink Recipe

Gatorade Replacement Drink Home Made For Pennies.

Coconut Mango Energy-ade

Dec 04, 2014 - - 2060
Coconut Mango Energy-ade

Ideal as a post-workout drink, this recipe is full of natural electrolytes and nutrients.

Dec 04, 2014 - - 1814
The Ultimate Green Juice Cheat Sheet

Green juice is relatively simple to concoct, requiring just a base, main ingredients and optional or secondary ingredients. That's it!

Dec 04, 2014 - - 2255
Strawberry-Lime (Coconut) Agua Fresca

Do you like strawberries? Then, this drink is for you.

Dec 04, 2014 - - 2442
Honeydew Kiwi Smoothie

Health benefits: Protects your heart, strengthens teeth, strengthens bones and energize you.

The World's Healthiest Energy Drink Recipe

Dec 04, 2014
The World's Healthiest Energy Drink Recipe
Dec 04, 2014 - - 1759
Energy Boost Fruit Smoothie Recipe
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