How Does Exercise Make You Happy?

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exercise feels good
Why does working out make us feel good?

Most of us start working out in order to be slimmer, stronger and fitter, but regular exercising has incredible benefits on mental health as well.

I’m a good example. Three years ago when I was in my late 20s the only thing I was focusing on was my job to earn more money to give my family everything they need. I did not care about what I ate, and I never did any physical activities. Maximum, I walked to the nearest shop to buy some nappies for my kids.

I was over 270 pounds having a big belly and almost no endurance. On top of that, mentally I was not OK at all. I have no confidence, and I usually feel myself depressed and stressed. Although, I worked a lot I did not get results I wanted.

I knew if I continued my life like that I would not see my grandchildren.

I felt I have to change but sadly I did not do anything against my bad habits. I always postpone starting exercising and turning to healthy eating. That was easier. And I did not even care about what others said.

The Turning Point

One day, we had a party with my friends, and I drank a little bit more than enough. You know, I wanted to get rid of all my problems (at once).

I had to walk home that was about 4 miles. After one mile, I felt myself so tired that I had to sit down. I was thinking about calling a taxi when I decided to make this walk a test to see how fit I was. Well, I have to say that short distance almost killed me.

The next day I woke up, and I was ashamed. “Here am I being only 29 and soft and weak as a kitten” And that was the point when I decided to change my lifestyle drastically.

I started to workout three times a week then five times. I got rid of unhealthy foods. I set up several goals that I reached step by step. And as a result I’m fitter, leaner and stronger than ever before in my life.

And this is how I feel now! Working out makes me feel good!

I’m addicted to exercising and I have to do something every day. – Arnold Schwarzenegger


The best is that regular exercising has not only helped me to be physically fit but mentally as well.

I’m more confident, I have positive feelings, I’m never stressed and depressed, just to mention some of the positiveness. I’m even far more efficient in my job. I’m able to earn more money with less work. Not to mention that my relationship with my kids and wife is much better as well.

You may say now these positive things are not because of exercising, but because my personality has changed. Maybe. But I’m sure that exercising has something to do with the goodies that happened to me.

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Do you have the same bad feelings? Do you feel badly in your skin?

Change your lifestyle now! Exercise makes you happy!



In the following infographic presented by Happify, you can learn how and why exercising makes you happier. All the things mentioned below are scientifically-based facts.

exercise and happiness
Physical exercise and happiness



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