What Does Stress Do to Your Body and How to Release It?


If I say at least 90% of the people in the modern world suffer from stress, I think you agree with me. Stress is the “illness” of the modern age.

On the other hand, stress is a natural response of your body that can help you to solve the problems. It just makes your “stronger” both mentally and physically. And that is why there is no problem with it if it is short term.

The big problem comes when stress lasts for too long or too often. It has serious effects on your body. Not just on your brain, but also almost all of your organs.

For example, the stress hormones are transferred with your blood to your heart increasing your blood pressure and heart rate. And this is just one of the many effects.

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How to Release Stress?

Now, you know what stress does to your body, so it is your turn to do something against it. Since each of us are different, what works for others may not work for you, so you have to discover it yourself.

For example, for me exercising and meditation work the best.

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Here are some proven tips on how to get rid of stress.

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  1. I imagine nothing is more stressful when you’re stressed than hearing how bad stress is for your health, hehe, educating people can be pretty ironic sometimes.

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