How to Avoid Workout Injuries

avoid-workout-injuriesRegular working out is one of the key factors of long lasting health. A study has proved that lack of exercising cause more illnesses than obesity.

However, you should learn how to workout correctly in order to prevent injuries. One of the biggest mistakes of beginners is that they just jump into fitness, and sooner or later they will get a workout injury. No matter what sort of sport you do, you need to keep in mind there is always some danger.

In this post, I would like to give you some tips that can help a lot to avoid the most common workout injuries.

Strengthen Your Core

Do not only work your abs, but your entire core. If you want to get a flat stomach you should train your abdominal muscles, but to avoid injuries and back pain you need to work your entire core.

Your core means your abdominals, obliques and your lower back. You should pay attention to all these muscles, especially your lower back. Many people suffer from lower back pain because they do not strengthen their lower backs.

Your core is used for many movements, no matter if it done for the lower or upper body. Studies have proved that those who has a strong core suffer far fewer injuries than those who do not have.

Best core exercises.


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Avoid Over-training

Working out too much has not only negative impact on your body but your mind as well. There is no need to workout over one hour. I believe the optimal time is about 45 minutes. However, the length depends on the activity and the intensity. It is better to have shorter but intense training.

Work Your Legs

Who else does not want to build massive arms and chest? But what about your legs? I have seen so many guys focusing on only their upper body, and they have legs like sticks. That not only looks terribly but also can be the source of several injuries.

You should train your body as a whole. It helps to keep healthy muscle balance. Your legs are the pillars of your body, so never neglect them.

Train Your Back

As I said strengthening your lower back critical but do not forget about the other back muscles. Your back is the biggest muscle group in your body, and it takes place in almost every exercises.

Get Rid of Weak Areas

Another huge mistake of beginners is that they do not focus on their weak areas. Instead, they train those which are already OK. I know, it is a better feeling, but it can lead to muscle imbalance and injuries.

Again your need to work all the muscle groups and if you have a week point train it more.

I’m a good example, I always felt that my lower back was not the strongest, and I usually suffered from back pain. But I did not care about it. Sometimes could not workout because of the pain.

Since I pay attention to my lower back, the pain eliminated, and I can perform the moves better.

Warm Up

Never forget to warm up. Never start your workout with cold muscles. 10 minutes warming up can help to avoid sprains and strains and even contributes getting more from your workouts. Focus a lot on your shoulders.

Always Stretch

Frequent stretching, after and before your workouts and even on rest days is crucial. It is the best way to avoid sports injuries and on top of that it is beneficial for your workouts as well.

Always Perform the Exercises Correctly

I have seen so many people doing exercises and using equipment poorly just because they wanted to lift big weights. Moves like that are not just inefficient but also dangerous. Using too heavy weights can even cause muscle tear. If you exercise at a gym, ask help from the trainer about how to perform the motions correctly.

About Running Injuries

While running has a lot of benefits you can easily suffer an injury, especially a knee one. Learning the proper technique of running and using the right shoes can reduce the risks. Below you can learn everything you need to know.

These are my tips to avoid workout injuries. They are as important as the training itself, so always integrate them to your workout routine. The treatment can be long-lasting and painful. You know prevention is better than cure.


Have you had any injuries?
How did it happen?


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  1. Thanks,
    Nice tips.
    To continue your discussion, I will add just one point that if you got injured then how to recover with speed. Those foods that have anti-inflammatory benefits helps a lot in the recovery of injuries. If you lessen your inflammation, i-e Pain, swelling and redness, then it becomes very easy to recover your injuries as well.

    Once your body is dealing with an injury, inflammation can restrict healing and inflame tissues, and an eating plan containing anti-inflammatory nutrients can certainly help minimize inflammation.

    An anti-inflammatory eating plan contains lots of vegetables and fruits, which have fiber content and natural anti-inflammatory ingredients, as well since antioxidants that allow protecting cells with damage.

    Consuming foods with omega-3 essential fatty acids, like mackerel, tuna, herring, nut products and seeds, also helps minimize inflammation as a result of anti-inflammatory properties of these efas.

    Sugars and sophisticated carbohydrates and certain foods containing trans body fat, like prepackaged cupcakes or cakes, ought to be avoided or really minimized as a lot of these can increase infection.

    • Thank you very much for these great tips.

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