How to Become a Morning Person

become-morning-personWhat is a morning person? Someone who usually feels at his or her peak during the morning hours as they tend to find the morning hours very ideal for taking care of their routine matters.

The opposite of a morning person is a night owl. Such people typically feel their best during the night or later during the day.

It is known that morning people usually can gain energy from the sights and sounds of a day just beginning. There are also a few challenges faced by a morning person like finding the stores and some professional services still not available during the early hours.

However to maintain this morning riser schedule, they have to go to bed earlier in the evening compared to the night owls who usually stays up past 10 o’clock at night.

Converting from a night owl to a morning person will likely take time. Most of us are lucky if we can reach for a cup of coffee at 6 AM, although mornings can be rough; just hold off on sleeping in. You can now wake up with the sun just by following these simple tips. Check the infographic and the other tips below.



Go to bed earlier

Of course to wake up early, you have to practice early sleeping too. This can be achieved by avoiding things like watching TV, using the internet or even eating as these activities can excite you and keep you awake rather than inducing a sleepy state.

You can also dim your lights and make sure you turn off all electric devices an hour before your bedtime.

Plan ahead

To wake up well-rested depends on having enough sleep, hitting the snooze button a few times before getting up is a definite sign of sleep deprivation. If you can get enough sleep, you should be able to wake up on time even without an alarm.

Rethinking your wake up time

It is supposed to help you in waking up early on time. For instance, when you want to wake up at 6 a.m. you should think about waking up at 5 a.m. so that you can still wake up early if you missed the alarm. This also gives you time to adjust and get used to the environment if you haven’t fully woken up.

Let in the light

Research shows that a little light might be all we need to reset the body block, a simple solution might be keeping the blinds open during the night.

Set a routine

You can also help yourself by setting up a routine, what you would be doing once you are out of the bed. It can be something like a morning workout. By doing this, those tired eyes could go away once the workout routine is in order. It will also boost your energy.

Eat smart

Going to bed hungry may cause a discomfort, and this may keep you awake. The same applies to drinking as sipping too much before bed may cause mid-slumber trips to the bathroom keeping you awake.

Have a motive

For your transition to being more efficient, it’s important to have a tangible reason for waking up early. Come up with a meaningful goal that you can be able to achieve when you are up already, like responding to important things first when you arrive at the office.

By following these simple tips and many others, your transition to becoming a morning person might just be successful and keep in mind that early birds always catches the warms, good luck.



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