How to Breathe Correctly While Running

proper-breathe-runningDo you want to run faster and longer? Then, pay attention to how you breathe. No matter if you run short or long distances how you breathe has a significant effect on your performance.

I have experienced on my skin. When I started running, I had checked a lot of tutorials on how to run correctly. What is the proper body posture, how to move my legs and arms, etc. And I did not care about the way I inhale and exhale.

Then, I bumped into this video, and I tried the suggestions of Matt Cama. The difference was huge! I was not only able to run faster and longer, but I was also not so tired after the training. It is unbelievable how these simple breathing techniques can help.

In this 10 minute video, he teaches you how to breathe properly by sharing two types of methods.

  • You will learn why keeping your shoulders backwards is so important.
  • He teaches what diaphragmatic breathing is and how it can help to run longer and faster.
  • He reveals two efficient breathing techniques: the four in four out and the two in two out method. For me, the second one works the best.
  • And finally he shows the proper way to breath while you take the steps.

So, you are going to know everything about correct breathing. These tips have helped me a lot, and I’m sure they are going to be beneficial for you as well.

On the other hand, as you run more and more, your breathing will be more natural and easier. So, the key is to run consistently.



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