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How to Burn More Calories on Treadmill

    how to burn more calories on treadmill

    You would wish to jog in the park or a scenic neighborhood for that fresh air over the admirable sexy and firm look. However, you probably live in an apartment in the city, have a busy schedule or do not want to expose your body yet. The treadmill becomes your best option.

    Want to buy a treadmill?

    But why do some people hit the treadmill for hours yet continue to struggle with their weight?

    According to fitness experts, it is not the hours you spend on the mill that matter.

    A number of calories you burn will be determined by what you do upon stepping on the treadmill. The most common mistakes that will waste your time on the treadmill include running at the same speed and using the same incline all the time. This will remain a tedious trek that frustrates your expectations and wastes your time.

    Here you will learn how to burn more calories on treadmill.

    Best way to use treadmill for weight loss

    The quickest way to melt mega calories is by increasing your heart rate. Since there is no knob to do that, you need to master the art yet avoid burning yourself up. Consider the following tips on how to lose weight with treadmill only.

    1. Increase the incline

    It is a waste of time to always jog on one incline. By so doing, you do not put your heart, muscles and the entire body under any strain. Begin with a flat incline before changing to moderate. The idea is to push your heart rate up. By choosing moderate incline, your body is shielded from the buildup of lactic acid. You will manage to run longer.

    The moderate incline should not run for too long. Bring it down after around five minutes. This gives you a perfect opportunity to sprint.

    With a warmed up body, the flat incline feels easier. It allows you to pick the pace and push your muscles to their limits. At maximum speed, more calories will be burned.

    treadmill incline workout

    2. Mix Them Up

    It appears automatically that you will lose weight with exercise. However, for you to lose weight, you must melt the calories. The body gets used to a certain level of intensity, such that it does not respond to exercises. This means that you will not lose any weight.

    If you are used to running the same slope at the same speed for 20 or 30 minutes, there will be no response to weight loss. If you are used to lifting similar weights, the body considers that a routine which does not generate weight loss either.

    The idea of mixing creates impact every time you hit the treadmill. In fact, it applies to all exercises. Create a mixture of fast paces and slow ones. As such, if the session today involves running fast for twenty minutes, the next treadmill training should increase the distance and lower the pace. Even on the same session, include short sessions of intense workout and long sessions of moderate running.

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    3. Master your speed

    Speed and intensity are the most efficient ways to melt fat. Know your highest speed and the intensity you can reach from time to time. Keep track of your performance to enable you to push your body beyond the previous limit every time you hit the treadmill. Hit your highest intensity and speed with every session. Endeavor to last longer at top speed and even increase the speed. Also, work to exceed your limits.

    burn 500 calories treadmill in 30 minutes

    How to burn 500 calories on the treadmill in 30 minutes


    4. Listen to your body

    The body has a clever way of communicating. When under stress, it tells you to stop. There are days it will want to go beyond the five miles. Experts advise you to keep going. This has a magical way of burning 50% more fat than an ordinary run. When the body wants to stop at 3 or 4 miles, it has melted enough for the session or day, and it must get a break.

    However, this technique should not be used on a daily basis. Develop a plan and stick to it. You should feel a burst of energy pushing you to go on, obey and keep going. When fatigue kicks in, take a break and allow the muscles to restore energy.

    5. Incorporate Other Workouts

    The body hates routine. This is where you engage in the same exercise over and over. There is no way you will lose weight even by running a hundred miles on the treadmill only. Other body parts need to be exercised.

    Include sit ups in your plan, lift weights, throw punches, press ups and jumps among others. The body and mind should have a new training to deal with every time you hit the gym. This acts as a surprise to the muscles and causes massive melting of calories.

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    6. Consider negative sprints

    This technique works by allowing the muscles to warm before pushing them during the second session. You will have conserved the energy to increase your pace and intensity when the muscles are already warmed up. This trick enables you to achieve more. In fact, you have a faster time overall.

    Raise the incline periodically to simulate a hill. When tackling the hill, try to maintain top speed. The body responds by pumping more energy which means that more calories are melted.

    7. Quench with fridge water

    Studies have revealed that water directly from the fridge will energize your workout and push you to exceed 25%. According to the study, exercise after quenching with fridge water felt easier. Take sips of chilled water before you begin and as you proceed. It pushes your temperature down and your energy levels up. This means that you can burn more calories especially by increasing intensity and speed.

    There are other techniques you can use depending on your circumstances.

    Experts recommend at least 12 minutes of continuous hard exercises to push your body. Break the sets such that instead of doing three sets of 5 sit up, three sets of 5 jumps, etc., you do sit ups and follow them with jumps before returning to sit ups. This is disruptive meaning that muscles have no time to settle.

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    Monitor your performance and make adjustments accordingly. While it helps to push the limits, know your boundaries to avoid exhaustion or burnout.

    FAQ related to how to burn more calories on treadmill

    What is the most calorie burning activity?

    Running is among them without a doubt, mainly if you do high-intensity interval training (HIIT). But, using the rowing and the stair machine are both great options for cardio exercise.

    Also, there compound bodyweight exercises like burpees, high jumps, and other plyometric drills.

    Anyway, those workouts are the best which requires your entire body to work.

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    How to lose weight walking on a treadmill?

    Apparently, with walking, you could not burn as many calories in a given time as if you were running, but it is still a valuable activity. To get the most from your walking do HIIT and combine brisk walking with slow sessions.

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