Lazy Ways to Burn More Calories

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Do you think the only way to burn more calories is to starve yourself to death or workout for long hours each day?

If you think yes, then you should read this post. You will see that there are many more “human” ways to lose weight. You just need to change your lifestyle a little bit, and you can quickly drop pounds. And the best is that you will be able to keep your weight for long time.

One of the key factors of weight loss is to increase your metabolism. Some of us genetically have a faster metabolism while others have slower.

If you are among the last one, you need to get used to some small habits that in the end will add up and boost your metabolic rate that leads to more efficient calorie burning.

I put together a video in which you can learn 7 powerful habits on how to burn more calories simply. Under the video, you can learn more about these suggestions.


Move Whenever It is Possible

Are you among those people who spend most of their days with sitting? Then, I have bad news for you. Several studies have proved that sedentary people burn half or even fewer calories daily.

Therefore, you should take every opportunity to move, even if you move just a little bit. Every small exercising is a possibility to burn some extra calories and at the end of the day they will add up to a lot of calories.

I’m among those sitting-all-the-time people, and I know we are disposed to forget about standing up and move a little. Hence, I installed a software on my PC that alert me after every 60 minutes to stand up and move a little. I usually do some burpees, jumping jacks, push ups or just walk at one place for 5 min. From the video above your can learn some other simple exercises.

On top of that, making active breaks also help your brain to switch off and then you can focus better on your work.

While traveling to work, you can also find many opportunities to move, for example, use the stairs. If your workplace is not far away, walk or cycle.

Anyway, one of the most beneficial ways for burning more calories efficiently is walking. Check the infographic below.



Eat More Often

One of the most practical ways to increase your metabolism is to eat every 3-4 hours. Of course, healthy foods, not something junk.

Between the main courses have healthy snacks such as fruits, vegetables or a wholesome sandwich.

Why eating more leads to better calorie burning? Your body in order to digest the food needs energy and if you eat more frequently, it works constantly.

Not to mention you will always have energy, and you feel yourself better in your skin. Who else like being hungry?

Eat Healthy Fats

One of the big misconceptions among those who want to lose weight is that they cut off fats from their diet plan. Yes, there are bad ones such as the trans fats.

However, unsaturated fats are just the opposite they contribute not only to burn more calories but also very healthy. Besides, they make your meals more delicious.

What are the best sources? Olive oil, sea fish, nuts, and seeds.

Learn the differences between good and bad fats.



Drink Water – A lot

Being well-hydrated is crucial for health and also helps to increase the metabolic rate.

Drinking cold water may help a bit more since your body warms up the cold water and for that energy is required. In addition, drinking water prevents to consume more food if you have it before your meals.

Weight Training

While cardio workouts are proven to be the most efficient activities to burn calories, we must not forget about strength training.

If you lift weights, you will build muscle mass. And more amount of muscles leads to calorie burning even if you rest since muscles are metabolically active. And it is logical that more muscles need more energy when you workout.

Learn more strength training benefits below.


Use Spices

There are several spices and herbs that increase metabolism naturally, especially the hot ones. That is because of the various components that support weight loss. Plus, hot spices increase your body temperature and for cooling, your body burns calories as well.

Consume More Protein

In order to break protein up, your body needs a lot of energy during the digestion processes. In order to break 200 calories of protein up, your body uses approximately 60 calories.

On top of that, protein-rich foods require more time to digest and this way you will feel yourself filled for a longer time. Hence, you consume less food.

Try to add a little protein to each meal you have.


My aim with this post was to help you to understand that you can simply burn calories just by altering your lifestyle, eating habits and workout routine a little bit. There is no need to have drastic changes.

I do not recommend to make all these changes at once, take up these habits step by step. You know, everything needs time.

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