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If you do calisthenics, one of the most important exercises is surely pull-ups. And for most of us, it is a kind of challenge to do as many as we can (it is like the bench press for weight lifters). It would be good to perform 25-30 or more at once, wouldn’t it?

But from my experience and questions on various online communities, most of the people stuck at one level after some time of training. In the beginning, the development is rather fast, but as time goes it slows down, and we reach a number of reps that we think is the maximum for us, and we cannot get over.

However, there are many tricks you can try to increase those pull-up reps. From the following video, you can learn a few from experts. I hope their advice will help you to do more reps.

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Let’s recap

  • With each set try to do as many as you could, and when you reach the point where you cannot pull yourself totally up, keep that static position where you are as long as you can.
  • Most of them have pull-ups training 2-5 times a week. But they do not always go for max reps.
  • While most of the people think the strength of the back muscles is the most important, strong shoulder muscles are also crucial. Hence, train your shoulders with dips and push-ups.
  • While getting high reps is tempting, always keep the proper form to get a full range of motion.
  • Do pull-ups with various grips like shoulder-width, close and wide.
  • To make your grips and forearms stronger do negative pull-ups as long as you can.
  • Try to change the intensity of the movement and your workout as well.
  • Rhythm helps to do more.
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Have you got any advice on how to do more pull-ups? Share with us below.

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