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How to Eat More Vegetables and Fruits

    how-to-eat-more-vegetables-fruitsEverybody knows that vegetables and fruits are so important for healthy eating. They are the best sources of vitamins, minerals, and other healthy components. They must take a large part of our diets.

    However, it is not easy to eat more fruits and vegetables so many times a day, especially if we have kids. It is more tempting to open up a packet of chips or other junk food, and there is no doubt that after some time we get bored with these healthy things. Hence, you must be creative to add some fruits and veggies to your family diet without make them bored.

    Below I would like to share 10 tricks how I “forced” my family to eat more fruits and vegetables.

    Make Smoothie

    Kids love smoothies if they are made from the right ingredients. You do not need anything special. Just drop the favorite fresh fruits and some yogurt into the blender. It is great for breakfast or as a snack. You can also try to make a healthy cold shake by using frozen yogurt. It can be served as a dessert as well.

    Here are some breakfast smoothies.


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    Dried Fruits

    Dried fruits are healthy but be careful since some products in the shops are boosted with sugar. You can have them as a snack or as a dessert or add them to some oatmeal or yogurt. My favorite is dried figs.

    We have bought a food dehydrator to make our healthy fruits. We love banana and apple chips. We usually have them why we watch a movie instead of eating some junk.

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    More Veggies in Sandwiches

    Whole grain bread, a piece of lean meat such as turkey or chicken and a lot of veggies, and a wholesome sandwich is ready. There are many greens you can put into a sandwich, not just the cucumber, lettuce or tomatoes.

    You can also boost your peanut butter sandwich by adding strawberry, apple, banana slices.

    Make Salads

    Chop some veggies, make a healthy dressing from olive oil and spices, add some cheese and a low-calorie ultra-healthy meal is ready. I love it and my kids as well. The key is the dressing if it is delicious you kids will love. We usually have a salad for dinner with some lean meat.

    Healthy dressing tips below.


    Have Fruit Juice in the Fridge

    No, I’m not talking about the juices you can buy in the shops, but make yours from organic fruits. Believe or not my kids favorite juice is lemon-orange. I just squeeze a some oranges and lemons, add some mineral water to it, and that is all. In 10 minutes, I make a health drink for the entire day full of beneficial nutrients.

    There are hundreds of juice recipes with various ingredients out there. Take the time to learn some.

    Healthy Desserts

    Instead of giving your kids that processed, sugar-rich and high-calorie junks, make your healthy desserts of fruits. It is really easy. For example, you can freeze yogurt and serve it with fruits. Or you can freeze the juice, and the mush ice is ready. You will have the same feeling as if you eat an ice cream, but you take in far fewer calories.

    Fruits and Greens for Snacking

    I usually have them raw but my kids do not. All the fruits can be boosted up a little bit by adding some peanut butter and cheese.

    Try New Things

    Fortunately, now we can buy a lot of types of veggies and fruits. If you your family is bored with the same things buy something exotic. That is how we bumped into mango, lychee, starfruit and papayas.




    Make Vegetable Soup

    Vegetable soups are low-calorie and healthy meals that help to lose weight. Plus they are easy to make. We usually cook veggie soup from cauliflower, broccoli, carrots. It is important to learn to cook with greens and fruits. Here you can find a lot of vegetable soups recipes.

    Put the Goodies Where They can See

    Always have plenty of fruits and vegetables where your family can see them and clean the cupboard from unhealthy snacks and other junk. Kids like chewing on something and instead of getting a piece of chocolate or lolly stick, they can pick a piece of goodies.


    There are the tactics that I and my wife implement into our diet, and I have to say they work pretty well. When my kids watch cartoons, they munch healthy things. They usually ask me to make “special” juices and smoothies. Plus, whenever I go to the greengrocer with my son he always asks me to try that “strange thing over there”.

    I hope these tips on how to eat more vegetables and fruits will help you to provide better nutrition for you family.

    Do you know other ways to eat more vegetables and fruits?
    Share with us below.

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    1. What works best for my family is to make sure that they are more easily accessible than the junk. I try to keep any junk food in a sealed container on a high shelf in a cupboard so that we have to work to reach it and work to get it open. Then I keep the good food at eye level in the fridge. That makes the good food much more convenient.

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