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How to Get Bigger Arms Fast – All You need to Know

    how to get bigger arms

    After having a massive chest, one of the most wanted desire of those who want to build muscles is how to get bigger arms.

    Many beginners spend their time with long and exhausting biceps workouts to achieve those big arms, but in most of the cases the result just does not come. They make the huge mistake of thinking that “The more I train arms, the bigger they are going to be”. In this post, you will understand the quality over quantity is the key factor.

    Here are facts and suggestions that you need to understand the best way to get big arms fast. Under the infographic you can find ways to get your arms bigger.

    How to Get Bigger Arms

    how to grow bigger arms infographics

    How do I get bigger arms?


    Facts & Tips on How to Get Bigger Arms

    1. Genes – If You are lucky, it is easier

    Firstly, all of us are different, we come with different heritage. Some of us comes with broad shoulders while others with a massive chest. Others have thin legs or arms.

    For example, genetically I have big biceps and triceps muscles, so for me arms workout has never been so hard. On the other hand, my legs are pretty thin, like my father’s, so I should spend more time on them.

    If you have weak triceps and biceps, you will have to pay more attention to them. It does not always mean that you should have to spend more time on training arms, but instead of more intelligently. You should do exercises that will build mass.

    2. Your arm is not just your biceps

    One of the biggest mistakes of beginners is thinking that biceps workout is the key to getting bigger and stronger arms. 70% of your upper arm size depends on your triceps muscles. Therefore, you need to pay attention to your triceps more than on your biceps.

    In addition, a lot of people forget about the forearm. In my opinion, having a massive forearm is a manly thing. You must not neglect this body part that takes place in almost all sorts of exercises. Since I pay attention to them, I see excellent development in several other exercises such pull ups, chin ups and so on.

    3. Lift heavy weights to boost the power and size of you muscles

    It is a fact that to gain bigger muscle mass, heavier weight must be used. Of course, it is the same with arm training. You need to increase the resistance frequently to stimulate the muscles to grow.

    4. Do the right type of arm exercises

    The best equipment for building mass is free weights or your bodyweight.

    As you see from the infographic above the mostly recommended biceps exercises are dumbbell or barbell curls and chin ups. I agree! These moves let you lift really heavy weights that will stimulate the biceps muscle mass efficiently. Barbells and dumbbells are necessary tools for improving power and the best way to build biceps.

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    For triceps, bodyweight or weighted dips, close grip bench press and pullover the best most efficient exercises if you want to get big arms. However, since your triceps are built up from more muscles, you need to attack it with some additional workouts such as with ones you can do with cable.

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    Finally, about forearm training. 80% of my workouts are bodyweight ones, and I use the forearm exercises mentioned below with great success. In most of the cases, these are the variations of pull ups. Besides, I do the reverse curl. I’m also thinking about purchasing some sort of hand strengthener equipment for pumping and to make my program more diverse.

    5. Do the moves correctly

    I have seen so many people doing curls badly which is not only not as efficient, but also dangerous and can cause serious injuries. It is crucial to learn how to perform the movement correctly. Do not handle big weights until you are not familiar with the exercise and perform the exercises with full range of motion.

    6. The proper reps and sets

    If you want to build muscles and strengths the number of reps should be between 6-12, the optimal is around 8. If you can do more reps with your chosen weight, then you should increase the amount since we want to build arm muscles mass. However, you should test how many reps and sets work you the best.

    7. Stretching and recovery

    Doing stretching exercises before and after your workouts not only helps to avoid injuries, but also has a positive impact on the strength and muscles grow. Spend at least 5 minutes with stretching.

    You should also rest your muscles. Never forget, the fibers grow when they rest.

    8. Be tricky

    The shape of your biceps is also responsible if your arm looks big or not. There are several exercises that help to make your biceps wider, longer or higher. You can read more about how to get big biceps here.

    9. Proper nutrition

    The most important part of bodybuilding is your nutrition. You need to consume the right type of foods to give the complete fuel for your body that supports muscle growth. It is a huge topic to talk about here, but you should increase your protein intake with supplements or by eating protein-rich foods.

    10. Be patient

    I usually read on various discussion forums questions like “how to get buff arms in 2 weeks?“. In 2 weeks?! Do you think, that those huge-armed guys in the gym build those muscles in such a short time?

    Good results need time and dedication. Never give up! If you follow your workout routine and test, you are going to reach your goals.

    11. Use your imagination

    One of my favorite advice from Arnold Schwarzenegger is the following ” See yourself having huge muscles”. Whenever he worked out, he saw himself in the mirror growing bigger and bigger. I recommend you to do the same. It is unbelievable how powerful our mind is.

    Overall, these are the most vital things you should keep in mind if you want to build bigger arms. If you follow these tips, you will be able to achieve your goals faster than you think.

    A few more tip on how to get big arm muscles fast.



    How to increase muscle size in arms without weights?

    There are numerous bodyweight exercises that develop your arm. You can find information about them in calisthenics category where you will find biceps and triceps workout at home without weights.

    What are the best dumbbell exercises for triceps?

    I have dedicated an entire post on how to get mass in arms with dumbbells, see the best DB tricep exercises.

    Can you suggest me a big arms workout routine?

    This is my favorite workout routine from It includes all the most beneficial exercises and right amount of reps and sets.

    How to build big arm muscles at home?

    You can have at home arm workouts without weights by making bodyweight exercises. Just check out the first FAQ point. But if you still prefer using weights, then I recommend you to get a pair of adjustable dumbbells with which you can do a lot of exercises. Hence, you can create an deficient dumbbell arm workout routine for home.

    How to have big arms fast for skinny guys?

    Well, if you are skinny you should pay attention to your diet in order to provide your body those nutrients that are required for muscle growth. So, consume more protein, but do not forget about the healthy fats and carbs as well. You can only pack on muscles if you increase your calorie intake.

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