How to Improve Grip Strength

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how-to-improve-grip-strengthIf you do exercises like deadlifts and pull ups, you know how important it is to have strong grips. Without strong forearms and hand, you cannot handle heavy weights. You can use straps to cheat but if you want to get real results you should improve grip strength.

I faced this problem when I started calisthenics in which pull ups are crucial. I felt that my back muscles are strong enough to increase the number of reps and sets, but my forearm and fingers were not strong enough. Hence, I dug deep into the topic how I can increase the strength of my hands.

You will see that there are a lot of grip exercises and techniques. Now forearm and hand strengthening exercises are a crucial part of my workout routine. After a year, I see excellent results. I can do twice as much pull ups, and I increased my deadlift by 50%. Furthermore, my lower arms are bigger than ever before which looks great as well.

Why strong grip is important?

No matter if you use free weights, machines or perform bodyweight exercises you use your hands. So it is crucial to have stronger grips to hold the bar, dumbbells or barbells.

  • You will be able to perform the various moves more accurately this way they will be more efficient.
  • Strong forearms and grips allow lifting heavier weights.
  • You can avoid various injuries such as wrist, finger and elbow ones.
  • You can perform better in other sports such as rock climbing.
  • Your arms are “more balanced.”
  • Last but not least massive forearm and firm grips are really manly.

What kind of grip trainings are there?

  • There are numerous exercises you can do with free weights or machines.
  • You can also do bodyweight exercises.
  • Or you can use special hand exercisers.

Each method is efficient, but I believe combining them is the best.

Below you can find a wide variety of grip strength exercises grouped by the mentioned methods as well as workout routines.

Free Weight Training

There are many movements you can do with a barbell and dumbbells. I think, the most important ones are reverse curl, wide curl with a barbell. Wrist, reverse wrist, hammer curls with dumbbells. Squeezing a bar also helps.

However, from the playlist below you can learn a lot of other forearm workouts to improve grip strength and develop your lower arms. I especially suggest the first and the second videos. You can learn a lot of useful tips as well.


Bodyweight Exercises

Being a calisthenics guy I mainly improve my hand strength and forearm with bodyweight exercises, and I have to say they work excellently.

The most beneficial exercises are typical pull ups or with narrow grip, hanging on a thick bar, fingertip push-ups, and rope or towel pull ups. But, of course, there are several others.

In the following playlist, you can learn a lot of bodyweight moves for wrists, hands and lower arms.


Special Equipment

Finally, let’s talk about hand grippers or exercisers. There are some specially made tools you can use to enhance the strength of your hands.

These are rather cheap and small piece of fitness equipment that you can use everywhere. They come with various resistance from some pounds to hundreds of lbs. They are ergonomically designed to fit into your hand. They are great to add some extra boost for your grip training or if you cannot go to the gym



As you see, there are various techniques you can improve your grip and forearm strength. Try some of the exercises you have learned and pick 3-4 for and integrate them to your arm workout routine. You will see how beneficial they are.

Best Equipment to Strengthen Your Grip Easily

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