How to Make Healthy Soups


Soups are an excellent way to hydrate and nourish yourself at the same time, so make sure not to forget to include them in your diet. They can be delicious, easy to make and healthy, keeping you in a great shape.

Whether you are looking to keep fit or lose some weight, soups are a must. They aren’t to be eaten just when we are sick, a common mistake made by very many people these days.

And when you think that it is so easy to prepare soup, just putting all the ingredients together and letting it boil for a while, you can barely find a reason not to prepare one. Also, there are many recipes for healthy soups, so you can always try out different flavors, never getting tired of it.


Cooking Tips to Prepare Perfect Soups

For best flavors, always use fresh ingredients for your soup. The best can be found at the local farmer’s market because you can find here organic products that will ensure always to get the best nutrition.

Keep in mind never to boil your soup for too long, because excessive boiling will lead to a destruction of the nutrients you are trying to acquire by consuming the soup. The soup should only be simmered for 20 to 30 minutes, and not boiled for countless hours.

For ingredients that may not cook during this time, a previous cooking in a healthy oil, like olive or canola, will do the trick. Each recipe will guide you through, telling you what ingredients to cook in oil, and when and how to simmer the soup. A correct cooking of your soup will not only preserve the flavors of the ingredients intact but will also help you enjoy a nourishing meal.

Try out a diversity of ingredients in your soups, preparing them using your favorite ones, or even trying new ingredients, for new culinary experiences. You can eat the soup as it is, or blend it, for a creamy and smooth consistency.

Besides the ingredients, spices are the ones that will give your soup the perfect taste, so don’t ignore these. Not all veggies have an amazing taste, but adding some cilantro, cayenne powder, curry, garlic, and herbs, will change the entire face of your soup.

If veggies are great for eating them raw, in salads, adding them as ingredients in soups, and allowing the flavors to mix, can be an exciting experience. And the best part about healthy soups, prepared without meat, is that they can be served warm or cold, according to the season, because they will be delicious no matter what.

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Are you ready to try out your first healthy soup?

Here is a list of ten fantastic recipes of soup, all of them only with healthy and tasty ingredients, which will spoil your taste buds. They are incredibly easy to make, taking only half an hour to cook, and an additional 10 to 15 minutes to prepare your ingredients. It is a wonderful alternative mean to offer your body the amount of liquids it needs daily while eating a light and healthy meal.

Here are some easy to make recipes from


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