How to Make a Home Gym With No Money?

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How to make a home gym with no money
Building a home gym on a budget

When I was a teenager many years ago, I was always dreaming about building my own home gym. A bench, barbell with weights, dumbbells were my biggest desire. The truth is that my parents could not afford to buy those things for me.

I had no money, but I was a creative boy so used almost everything around me to workout at home. I did pull-ups on the beam and made cement dumbbells. My “DIY exercise equipment” was not perfect but better nothing, and they helped me to get stronger.

I did not want to bore you with my story. I just want to show you that you can make your home gym with no money. And, if you are a creative guy, someone who can work with wood, steel, etc., then you can make almost everything for a good home workout.

Here is my list of tips what to do if you have no money but want to train at home.

1. Do bodyweight exercises

bodyweight exercise list

My first advice is to do bodyweight training instead of lifting weights. Do not underestimate the effectiveness of this type workout. You can get incredibly strong and build perfect muscles mass.

There are hundreds of exercises to develop every part of your body. Various push-ups for your chest, pull-ups for your back, squats for your lower body, just to mention some.

Maybe you are skeptical if bodyweight exercises are enough, but just check out a few street workout videos on youtube, and you will see how perfect body those guys have.

Thanks to a lot of variations of the exercises, you can get the progressive overload regularly that is required for muscle development. Can you already perform 50 push-ups, do archer push ups or one arm pushups. Is it easy for you to do 50 squats? Do pistol squad instead.

What about equipment? You just need something to do pull-ups. You can use a beam as I did. However, a wall mounted pull bar is only about 30-40 dollars, so it is pretty affordable. (doorway bar is even cheaper)

To sum up, a bodyweight training is an excellent solution for one who has no money.

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2. Build your own gym equipment

The most essential home gym equipment is the dumbbells, barbell, bench and power rack. These things are more than enough to build your body at home. (Actually, a pair of dumbbells are enough to start with.)

If you have ever checked out stores for weight plates, you saw how expensive they are, particularly the heavy ones. The simplest way to create weight plates is using concrete. The same is true for dumbbells.

From the following videos, you can learn build your own workout equipment from cement.

How to create barbell disks

How to Make Homemade Dumbbells

How did I make my own dumbbells? Just follow the tutorial below.

Tips for girls

In most of the cases, girls do not want to use heavy weights for their fitness training. They just need something about 5 pounds. Fill a big bottle with water or sand and your hand weight is ready.

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How to build a weight bench

You must be careful when you build a workout bench. It must be stable and massive enough. A breakage can lead to severe injuries. Within the following video, you can learn the how to create a robust one.

DIY power rack

A power cage is a critical equipment for safety. It helps you squat and bench press safely even without the support of a spotter. If you want to get one from the store, it costs about 500 dollars. However, from the next tutorial, you will learn how to make one much cheaper. Keep in mind that rack needs quite a lot of workout space.

To sum up

I hope you like this guide on how to make a home gym with no money and the tutorials for homemade strength equipment. You will need to work on it, but it is worth. Once you are ready with the things, you can work out whenever you want in the comfort of your home.


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James Wright

James (36) has been working out since he was 15 years old. He has a home gym where he pumps iron, does bodyweight workouts and boxing. He likes sharing his experiences with others who want to build a better physique.


  1. Peter

    Good advice but I still prefer buying used or cheap equipment. What are your suggestion? What are the most beneficial inexpensive equipment for home?

    1. James

      You can get a cheap adjustable dumbbell set and a workout bench to start (they cost about 100 bucks). And, you can have a total body workout at home. However, I made a list in which you can find the best cheap exercise equipment for home here.

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