How to Optimize Your Health

health-quoteDid you know that the leading causes of death in the USA are heart diseases, cancer, stroke and diabetes? Almost 2 million people die from these illnesses.

A shocking statistic, isn’t it?

But most of us do not really care about it. We want to believe that those illnesses could not happen to us. And we continue to live our self-destroying lifestyle. We still eat those junk foods, sit on our couches staring at the TV, travel everywhere by car, just to mention a few.

We get ill because we are too lazy to change. That is what those people who suffer from the various, sometimes fatal diseases, have not done. And now they regret it.

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Do you want to be among them? Do you want to be a part of those sad statistics?

I don’t.

The funny thing is that there is no need to change your lifestyle so much to have longer and better life.

The recipe is simple.

Pay attention to what you eat.

Consume less processed foods as possible, eat with moderation, and consume more plants and healthy meats.

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Pick every opportunity to move. Stand more, walk more and pick a sport you enjoy.

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Sleep Enough

Have at least 7 hours of sleep daily. Most of us underestimate the importance of sleeping, although it is critical for mental and physical health.

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It is simple, isn’t it?

On top of that, these lifestyle changes cost you nothing. Healthy foods cost almost the same as crappy ones. There are many activities such as walking and running that cost nothing.

You decide if you pay for goodies now or drugs later.

It is your turn to get rid of those harmful habits that ruin your health. Nobody can change your life, just you!

That is what the next infographic is all about. Read through carefully and start changing now!



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