How to Store Various Food Properly

I have a busy life, so I do not have time to go to the local market or to the store to buy the foods for my diet every day. I usually do shopping once a week, and I buy everything at once.

Unfortunately, it usually happened that the veggies, fruits and others I bought, spoiled after some days. It was my mistake since I did not care about proper storage.

Not so long ago I stumbled upon a good infographic in which a lot of practical ways were shown how to store the groceries correctly to keep their freshness.

I tried these tips, and they work fine. It may take some time wrap the things up, but they keep their freshness for much longer time.

I recommend you following the tips below. You will enjoy the foods you buy longer and save money.


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  1. I think I should not put too much and too long food in the fridge. Because besides not good for health, also reduce their taste. Using fresh food is best!

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