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How to Tone Arms Without Bulking Up

    How to tone arms without bulking up

    How to get lean arms without bulking up

    Not long ago one of the friends of my wife asked me how she could tone her arms. I said get a pair of dumbbells and do exercises for your biceps, triceps and shoulders. The reaction was typical. “Oh, no! I do not want to be bulky like those girls in the gym. I just want to get improve the definition of my upper arms.”

    Girls, you do not have to be afraid of lifting weights. That is the best way to shape your guns. And, you will never have such bulky arms like those female bodybuilders have. They lift heavy weights all the time, eat the right things, etc. that is why they are so bulky.

    So, what you should do tone your arms without bulking up?

    Follow these tips.

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    How to get skinny arms without building muscle?

    1. Do you have arm fat? – Burn it!

    If yes, firstly you have to get rid of that fat. For that you need to reduce your body fat and that is only possible if you burn more calories daily than your body needs. Hence, you should get a healthy diet and do some cardio, for example, high interval training. This combo will help you to lower your body fat level, and with that your arm fat that covers your guns like a “coat”.

    Lifting weights is for strengthening, developing and shaping the muscles of your arms, but it hardly helps to lose arm fat. You can lift the weights day and night if you eat more food than your body needs. The muscles will not be visible.

    2. Complete arm training

    Beginners usually make the mistake that they only focus on their biceps so they do curls. But, your upper arm is built up from your biceps, triceps and shoulders. Hence, you should target each. On top of that, the triceps is the muscle group that looks so cool if it is defined.

    3. More reps with lighter weights

    If you lift heavy weights with fewer repetitions that method will make you bulky. You should do the opposite. Many reps with light weights. The repetitions should be 15-25.

    4. Perform the exercises properly

    That is very important. Firstly, do not use the momentum but complete the motions slowly in a focused way. For example, when you do biceps curls you use your biceps to lift the dumbbell, and not the power of your shoulders or the momentum.

    Now you know the basics so here are a few arm toning workouts that fulfill the mentioned criteria as well as more exercise advice.

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    how to tone your arms without building muscle

    Arm toning exercises with weights | Credit:


    To sum up

    I hope you found the answer for your question how to tone arms without bulking up. Lose body weight and lift weights with high reps. It is simple as that.



    James Wright

    James (36) has been working out since he was 15 years old. He has a home gym where he pumps iron, does bodyweight workouts and boxing. He likes sharing his experiences with others who want to build a better physique.

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