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The Ultimate Inner Thigh Workouts You Can Do At Home

    The beauty of working out is getting to experience visible results. However, there always are those areas that are adamant to comply and get in line. The inner thigh presents stubborn fat that may prove to be troublesome to eliminate. With the correct set of exercises, the stubborn fat will be trimmed down, and the muscles toned down for firmer thighs. It is important to note that working out the thighs require a full body work out. Performing cardiovascular exercises paired up with some specific exercises will definitely bring positive and visible results.

    Dietary Control

    A proper diet goes hand in hand with exercise, so this is not an exception. Women tend to accumulate fat around the thighs which earn them the feminine, curvaceous figure. In this case, consuming calorie dense foods will see you piling on the weight around this area. Focus on taking fewer calories than you burn so that your body gets a chance to burn fat that’s already in your body.

    proper diet


    Meals and portion control highly determine your chances of success as far as the fat burn is concerned. Include nutrient-dense foods that will supply you with the adequate energy required for workouts and metabolism. Foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, beans, and fish are ideal in this case.

    1. Inner Thigh Inside Piques

    This is a workout that will trim, strengthen and tone your inner thighs. In addition to this, it will also increase extension and flexion on the opposite hip. If you normally experience stiffness and pain/cramps while stretching your legs, then this workout will offer you some relief. It will make it easier for you to flex, elongate and rotate your limbs with ease as it should be.

    inner thigh exercise



    Stand with your feet close together and at shoulder width then hold on to a wall, counter or chair with one arm. This will provide support. Gently lift your left leg and cross it over the right leg with your heel facing upwards. Ensure that you squeeze your thighs tightly while doing this. Shift your right hip towards the sides as far as possible and then begin the piques. Raise the left foot as high as you possibly can and then tap your baby toe to the floor quickly. Perform 10 reps on each leg. Aim at 50 reps for each side while resting in between.

    2. Body Weight Lunges

    This is an ideal exercise because it is a single leg exercise. Any fitness instructor will tell you that any single leg exercise that’s performed via a full range of motion while in a standing position is highly effective in working out the inner thigh. Besides this, this workout will engage your hamstrings, glutes, quadriceps, core and calves. This way, you will burn even more calories during and after the workout.





    Stand with your feet at hip-width and your arms resting next to the sides. Keep your back straight and shoulders out. Take a leap forward with your right leg and lower yourself into a lunge until the thigh is parallel to the ground. Gently push yourself off with the right leg and return to the starting position while still keeping the back straight. Perform 3 reps of 10-12 sets on each leg for the best results.

    3. Inner Thigh Circles



    While other exercises are hectic and rendered not safe for expectant ladies, the inner thigh circles workout is absolutely safe and comes highly recommended. However, if yours is a high-risk pregnancy, you may wish to consult your physician about it.


    Lie on your right on a flat surface and support your head using your bent right arm. Gently bend the top leg, bring it in front of the thigh and hold on to the ankle using your left hand. Point the bottom foot out and lift. Tighten the inner thigh and draw a circle in the air. While doing this, tighten your abs, lengthen your inner thigh muscles and stabilize your torso. Make 10-20 circles with each leg clockwise then anticlockwise then switch to the other leg.

    4. Side Lying Double Leg Lifts

    This is a workout that will work your entire leg muscles as well as the inner thigh muscles. The top leg acts as a resistance for the lower leg hence engaging multiple muscles. The lower leg has to be fully engaged as it bears the weight of the top leg while fighting off gravity.

    Side Lying Double Leg Lifts



    Lay on your side with your arm stretched out to support your head and neck. This should all form a straight line. Stack your legs and knees close together and point out your forward. Take your top arm and bring it to the front. Rest it in front of your chest for support. Suck in your belly tight and squeeze your thighs closely together.

    With the thighs closely glued together, lift them up off of the mat. Only lift your legs as high as you possibly can. Your hips will act as hinges for this workout. Hold the position for a second or two then gently lower them to a few inches off the ground without touching it. Perform 1-2 reps of 10-20 sets on each side.

    5. Reverse Clam Shells

    Reverse Clam Shells


    This is an absolute thigh toning workout that fully works out your inner thighs.


    Lay on your side and place a soft squishy ball in between your thighs. Bend your knees and stretch your bottom arm over your head to offer a cushioned support for your head and neck. Bring your top arm over to the front of your chest for added support. Press the top leg downward exerting pressure into the ball. Hold and count to five. Exhale while releasing and repeat. A set of 12 reps on each side is ideal.

    The exercises are effective when paired up with cardiovascular exercises and a healthy diet. They are easy to perform and do not require bulky high-tech equipment hence can be comfortably done at home. When at the gym, go for equipment such as a recumbent bike which is also effective in melting the fat and toning up the muscles around your inner thighs. Remember, increasing the reps each time will only work towards yielding positive results faster.

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