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10 Kettlebell Chest Exercises to Build Your Pecs

    Kettlebell is among the most efficient fitness equipment you can use in several ways. Besides, it is an excellent complement for bodybuilding, strength training, and cardio workouts.

    There are hundreds of workouts out there, but it is not easy to find kettlebell chest exercises. However, there are exceptionally powerful moves you can do to develop and strengthen your chest muscles.

    kettlebell basic exercises

    I have collected some of the best ones here, which are almost the same as dumbbell exercises. Because of the kettlebell’s pattern, these motions are harder to perform, targeting muscle groups better.

    You can integrate mentioned kettlebell exercises below into your weight or bodyweight routines.

    Here are the best moves you can do for your pectoralis.

     Home workout tip: Use an adjustable kettlebell to save space.

    Best Kettlebell Exercises

    1. Kettlebell Chest Flyes

    Fly exercise is usually done with dumbbells. The movement is almost the same, and you can do it on a flat, incline, or decline bench.

    Nevertheless, there is an excellent version of this pec exercise called the single-arm kettlebell bench fly. This activity needs a strong upper body, considering that you must control your entire body to balance. 

    It also works your abs, triceps, and shoulders. It is also great for stretching, and I love doing it. An extreme version is when you do it on the Swiss ball.

    Here is how to do it with one arm and on a stability ball that also works the core muscles effectively:


    2. Kettlebell Chest Press (Bench Press Alternative)

    This exercise is almost the same with dumbbells. Yet, the main difference is that the kettlebell handles give you a unique feeling in the wrists. Moreover, you can do this workout with a single arm or alternating chest presses to make it more effective.

    If you are a beginner, do it on the floor first or on a horizontal bench, then try it on decline or incline positions.

    Another alternative is one where you alternate your arm while pushing. For instance, you can put a bosu or fitness ball under your upper back.

    The one arm and alternating versions are advanced movements that strengthen your entire upper body efficiently. I particularly like the alternating kettlebell floor presses because it needs control. Hence, it strengthens other secondary muscles.

    Here’s how you do it flat on the ground:


    3. Kettlebell Push-Ups

    There are several push-ups variations out there, but this one is my favorite since it challenges and works the chest muscles exceptionally.

    Because of the kettlebells’ form, it would be tough to keep the plank position while balancing. Thus, you should concentrate on the pecs and your shoulders (or it is better to say your entire body) to avoid falling.

    You will also need to perform the movement slowly while you go down and push. One wrong move, and you will fall.

    Tip: For even “worse” stability, try medicine ball exercises.

    There is also a single-arm version. I have tried, but I have not been able to do it yet.

    Some versions tutorials (double and one hand):


    4. Exercise for Chest Definition

    I have just found this video from Frank Roberts. To tell the truth, I have not done this exercise before. Still,  I’m sure it is beneficial for improving the definition of the chest. Simple but provides a powerful move in toning your chest.


    5. Kettlebell Upper Chest Press

    While this move (crushers) is mainly made for the shoulders, it also trains the upper part of the pectorals since you have to hold it tightly.


    6. Band-Suspended Kettlebell Bench Press

    This is an exciting exercise that has many proven benefits. Since the weights swing, it is tougher to control the movement and keep the bar in the right place.

    Working on this exercise stabilizes and activates your muscles. Completing this kettlebell chest workout will develop your traditional chest press for sure.


    7. Kettlebell Squeeze Press (Flat or Standing)

    This exercise is similar to a narrow grip barbell press. It is a great movement to shape the inner part of your pecs and makes them bulky. If you do the standing variation, you can target the upper chest more effectively.

    That is all! I have not found any more kettlebell pectoral exercises, although I’m sure there are several other moves. Add these exercises to your workout routine to train your pectoralis from different angles.



    How do kettlebell chest exercises target your lower and upper chest?

    To focus on the lower chest, you need to perform decline chest exercises (the weight bench is set to a negative degree). If you have no bench, lie on the floor with bent knees and push your lower body up as high as you can to get into a decline position. This way, you also strengthen your core muscles and glutes.

    If you want to target your upper chest, you need to do incline presses when the board is set to a positive degree, about 45-60. The higher the angle, the more load is on your shoulders and triceps.

    Will it help to burn chest fat?

    To get rid of chest fat, you should switch to a healthy diet and do fat-burning training to lose body fat. With these exercises, you shape and strengthen your chest effectively.

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    Have better kettlebell training!


    James Wright

    James (36) has been working out since he was 15 years old. He has a home gym where he pumps iron, does bodyweight workouts and boxing. He likes sharing his experiences with others who want to build a better physique.

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