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Best 7 Kids Exercise Equipment To Get Them Active

    Kids today spend most of their time watching TV or playing games on a computer or smartphone, which means they have lesser time to exercise.

    Lifestyle today is modernized in a way that most individuals rely on technology.

    Research points out that children need to have an active lifestyle. This helps kids reduce the chances of getting illnesses, such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

    Parents might find it difficult to encourage kids to exercise. With the help of kids’ exercise equipment, children can develop fun and entertaining activities while keeping their bodies active.

    Your kids will most likely have stronger muscles, bones, and cardiovascular systems. Training them at a young age is also a good decision, as it can help them follow a healthier lifestyle.

    Good thing, there is various kids’ exercise equipment you can use indoors. Here are some of the best buys you can get on Amazon.

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    1. Trampolines for Improved Agility

    Trampolines may be an excellent piece of equipment you can give to your kids, regardless of the occasion.

    According to a journal article, trampolines make a great set for involving kids in outdoor play. Since they are more exposed to sunlight, their bodies benefit from Vitamin D levels, reducing their risks for future bone problems.

    Aside from improving your kid’s immune system, trampolines are a kid’s exercise equipment that helps children deal with anxiety. Playing and bouncing on a trampoline lets kids relieve stress effectively.

    Another great thing about trampolines is that it strengthens your kid’s overall health. In fact, jumping on a trampoline for about ten minutes gives the same benefits as a thirty-minute marathon.

    Lastly, trampolines are considered safe play for children. They usually come with a patented, no-gap safety enclosure net to keep your kids safe while bouncing on and off the equipment. You can check some of them here.


    Skywalker Mini-Trampoline with NetSkywalker Mini-Trampoline with Net

    Features a 360 degree padded handle bar that helps stabilize kids as they jump.

    • Features multi-colored trampoline set
    • Enclosure net is sewn directly to jump mat

    2. Indoor Home Gyms for Functional Strength

    A home gym for kids? Sounds weird, but it comes with several benefits you might not know all along.

    While it lets your kids play safely at your home’s convenience, you are getting a much-deserved break from week-long work.

    Indoor home gyms are revolutionary kids’ exercise equipment that can keep them entertained for hours.

    Ideally, it’s a home gym set that comes with various components to keep children busy. Most indoor sets include a combination of ladders, bars, swings, ropes, and so on.

    What you will love about indoor home gyms is that it benefits your child’s critical thinking skills while improving their functional strength.

    For instance, swinging activities are deemed to positively impact your kid’s spatial awareness, gross motor skills, and fine motor skills. Besides, an indoor home gym develops kids’ muscle groups and core balance.


    Gym1 Deluxe Indoor Gym SetGym1 Deluxe Indoor Gym Set

    Provides great home gym set for kids to improve strength.

    • Patented design and installs within seconds
    • Removable and compact

    3. Exercise Bikes for Enhanced Balance

    Another excellent kid exercise equipment for kids is bikes, designed with a sleeker style that improves your kid’s balance.

    Riding an exercise bike lets your children develop coordination. In fact, bikes are great pieces of equipment in improving top balance and motions.

    Cycling improves your kid’s overall fitness, boosts a positive mental attitude, and increases interaction with other family members.

    Several varieties of bikes and scooters exist online. But you can get your children a unique roller and comes with adjustable length and easy-access side breaks.

    When buying one, you must consider models that offer adjustment options so you can configure the length as your child grows.


    EzyRoller Classic Ride OnEzyRoller Classic Ride On

    Lets kids mimic an instinctive reptilian movement.

    • Moves like a snake with right-left leg movements
    • Allows children stay active indoors or outdoors

    4. Swing Bars for Improved Upper Body

    As parents, it is important to let kids play games under the sun that they’ll surely cherish for life. Aside from fun and experience, they should be developing body strength as they grow.

    Swing bars are effective kids’ exercise equipment that fosters an active lifestyle. They also enhance children’s social, physical, and emotional development.

    Furthermore, letting kids engage in monkey or swing bars gives them benefits that cannot be attained with other equipment pieces.

    Swing bars are mostly referred to as the most challenging piece of playground equipment for kids. Yet, they give rewarding fun and experience while improving their upper body strength at the same time.

    Aside from the upper body, kids can tone their arm muscles. Swing bars are also effective in influencing a child’s good posture, stability, and balance.

    Since kids need to keep their feet and legs tucked up, swing bars also strengthen their abdominal muscles and spinal cord at a young age.


    Jungle Gym Kingdom Swing Bar RingsJungle Gym Kingdom Swing Bar Rings

    Strengthens your kid’s upper body effectively.

    • Heavy-duty chain swing set
    • Includes accessories and locking carabiners

    5. Punching Bags for Increased Confidence

    Incorporating exercises into your kids’ daily routine might be physically-demanding for them. Nevertheless, it gives the strength their body needs as they grow older.

    Although some parents are skeptical about buying their kids a punching bag, most of them believe that are a variety of reasons why their kids need to have one.

    A punching bag is a piece of kids’ exercise equipment that is good for aerobic activities. It helps in improving your child’s core, developing muscle and arm strength, and increasing stamina.

    What’s more, kids can effectively release their stress through a punching bag. Aside from relieving stress, they get improved bone health.

    All of these combined make a great reason as to why you need to have a punching bag for your kids.

    Though this equipment might seem basic, it effectively increases your child’s confidence in defending themselves in times of trouble. Definitely worth your time and investment.


    Tech Tools Punching Bag with StandTech Tools Punching Bag with Stand

    Keeps kids trained and builds their confidence,

    • Contains inflatable punching ball speed bag
    • Comes with a durable base

    6. Indoor Jungle Gym for Better Imagination

    The great thing about jungle gyms for kids is that they are convenient to use even when used indoors.

    Jungle gyms are another ideal kids exercise equipment that provides several features and benefits, aside from being safe to use.

    Getting your kids an indoor jungle gym can improve their critical thinking, creativity, and imagination skills. Most of these mini-home gyms come with lots of accessories, including a wall, rope ladder, pull-up bars, abs bench, swing bars, and so on.

    With the mentioned accessories and kits, jungle gyms are a surefire way to get your kid’s body work out without notice.

    Most of these jungle gyms are easy to store and assemble; there is nothing to worry about space.


    WEDANTA Ladder Wall SetWEDANTA Ladder Wall Set

    Provides an entertaining jungle gym tool for kids.

    • Made of natural and durable wood construction
    • Easy to assemble and enjoyable to play

    7. Horizontal Bars for Engaged Core Muscles

    Last but not least, horizontal bars are great kids’ exercise equipment to keep their bodies moving.

    Horizontal bars typically come with a mainframe construction that is anchored together with a mat. Similar to swing bars, horizontal bars are effective in building upper body and arm muscle strength.

    Types of exercises kids can do with a horizontal bar are pull-ups, swings, and many more.

    Aside from entertainment, kids can increase their body’s flexibility and agility. Horizontal bars are great for stretching the body effectively.


    Z Athletic Kip Bar and Gym MatZ Athletic Kip Bar and Gym Mat

    Increases kids’ upper and lower body strength.

    • Built with steel legs and premium core
    • High-density polyethylene foam padding

    These are the best exercise equipment for kids you can have to make them fit and healthy. I hope you find this list useful, and you will get a product that your children will enjoy.


    James Wright

    James (36) has been working out since he was 15 years old. He has a home gym where he pumps iron, does bodyweight workouts and boxing. He likes sharing his experiences with others who want to build a better physique.

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    1. I think about buying a punching bag set for my kids (bag, gloves, etc.), but I’m afraid it will make them aggressive. It is without a doubt an excellent activity for them. What do you think?

      1. I don’t think. It has many benefits, and one of them is releasing stress which is one of the reasons why some children are aggressive. You can read about the benefits here.

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